The Myth of Christian Morality Revisited

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There is a reason I at times characterize Christians as, well, Nuts.

I mean aside from the whole belief in someone Rising from the Dead [cue 'Dark Shadows' style organ rift...]. But a kind of built in, deep seated neurosis based on opposing concurrent beliefs.

They hold the concept of "Original Sin", in which we are all BORN vile, evil and totally deserving burning for eternity, or at the least, for those liberal christers who don't read or don't agree with the bible, an unavoidable inborn predilection for being naughty. The bible says that 'none are righteous, no, not one" and that all our righteousness is as "filthy rags" (that would be the rags used to wipe ones ass) In other words, all our attempts at BEING good are shit.

Now couple this esteem lowering bit of self loathing with the incredible Egotism and Narcissism of those who think the Universe and everything in it was made Just For Them. And the cool part is, they believe by following a prescribed ritual of debasement, atonement and general celestial ass kissing, they are due a Golden Ticket to ETERNAL bliss, happiness and a type of Mind Wipe that precludes any possibility of guilt or regret over past actions.

This part is where I point out the LACK of anything resembling a 'moral compass' being involved. One does not have to be good, in fact, as pointed out, one can not BE good enough to get in the gate. One must perform the mandatory ass kissing, which in and of itself is the sum total of Christian Morality.

Some branches of the overblown cult even go as far as to claim you can save up all that accumulated moral filth until the very moment one is about to shuffle off the mortal coil, then offer a heart felt "I'm Sorry" (I'm sure the image of flames licking at ones balls has something to do with sincerity) and all is forgiven. And to make sure, they have one of Gods own Travel Agents in a starched collar standing by to verify the apology and stamp the ticket.

Hmmmm, smells bad, drops from a male bovine, lies in the field drawing flies....
Yep, it's Bullshit.


Christianity: A disgusting middle eastern blood cult, based in human sacrifice, with sacraments of cannibalism and vampirism, whose highest icon is of a near naked man hanging in torment from a device of torture.

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Christians screw their

Christians screw their selves because they don't question anything. They take every thing at face value. Look at the shit they do like my parent's church. They had a good building and they had paid it all off. The fuck wad pastor had all this money doing nothing so he decided to build an even bigger church. Then when they got that paid off, they went through the same cycle. Every time this happened, like every 15 years, the people were told "we need a new church" but there wasn't any thing wrong with the old ones. So they gave up their hard earned cash to pay for a new church. It's fucking gaudy. The church has some of the most ridiculous shit. The stain classed window from the old church, which was like 300 x 200 ft purposely got cut out of the old church to place in the new one. Then when the pastor made changes to the altar the old stain glassed window didn't fit.  So they made a new one. They were just looking for shit to spend money on, like the bathrooms have custom made mahogany doors and the pews are made from Cyprus wood, the baptism pool is all Italian marble. Fuck. Just use the money to feed the poor and what about building some houses or sending some poor kids to college. WTF!

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 One thing that says it all

 One thing that says it all about Yahweh...

Or as I like to put it, science is giving us the ability to fly to the moon, while religion is still arguing over the correct way to use your genitals. I also tell them that if homosexuality is going to bring God's wrath, they better take cover, cuz I'm gonna fuck all the men I can.

It really does make them shut the fuck up and walk away.

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