My response video for 5:30 who posted the "elliott argument"

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I have posted this video as a video response to one of the silliest, most ignorant claims I have ever seen on the web.


Feel free to comment your opinions on the video.

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                    The video was great and on point but I was hopeing to see your lovely and  charming face plus your delightful voice; you know like I did in Jeffrick vs. a Y E C. Are you shy?   The points are valid and  Y E C's are turning my stomach also.  Nice of you to mention the RRS & Brian37 [did I type that or did B37 guide my hand?] thanks for  the video.


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No, not shy, but I don't

No, not shy, but I don't have a camera and I was short on time this morning. I think that entire video took me 20 minutes to make.

I am finding out that this douchetool is completely avoiding challenges. I sent him a response but he did not reply and when I looked on the web there are several dozen other people trying to get him to a 1 on 1 debate but he refuses.

He also controls posts on YouTube so no one can post any thing with out his authorization.


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Ugh, seems like king douche

Ugh, seems like king douche of doucheland.  Ahh, well.  People that go on Youtube and post bullshit, then get all uppity when people comment AGAINST what they have to say have no business making video blogs to begin with, but that's ego for you. 


Nice Van Halen song, by the way.  Stay Frosty!

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Stay Frosty

 Yeah I picked up the new CD a while back. I really like it, but when I first heard it the sound wasn't what I expected.

I see Wolfgang has really been practicing on the bass. He's really kicking it.

I haven't decided if I want to go see them in concert yet. They will be in Orlando in April.

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Thanks for putting his video upside down, digitalbeachbum.  That man is a delusion, inside a lie, wrapped up in a stupid.

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I heard "Tattoo" and thought

I heard "Tattoo" and thought it wasn't that bad considering we haven't heard shit from Van Halen or DLR in ages.  I might go check out the entire CD.

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me