My the landscape has changed.

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 Has it been ten years since I created an account here?  Man, seems like a lifetime ago.


It has also been about a year since I posted anything at all.  That is the case for most of the people I interacted with on the forums as well.


I got curious last night and decided to check up on this slice of heathen heaven.  To my dismay, it is pretty much a ghost town.  Not a soul posting except the whack job that is Brian37 and an occassional dunderhead like EXC responding.  I saw the blog post from a few months ago by Vastet that said he was pretty much done here and I thought he left awhile back along with a majority of the old crew so, I was a bit shocked.  Can't say I am surprised overall at the state of this website, though.  Social media has created a vacuum that sucks up independent places like this and made them obsolete.  


I turned to Twitter after no longer posting here to bring my comedy, non-beliefs and other entropy-laced musings to the masses before being wtongfully banned after ten years without so much as a warning.  Facebook turned out to be more of a cesspool than I realized and the only social media platform I use now is Instagram which feels like I'm still kind of using FB due to them owning it.  After all that, I decided to launch a podcast which is still running today.  I interview artisans, brewmasters, music artists, etc.  Pretty cool so far.  Had its ups and downs, though, and still does.


I'm also a vegan now.  Health issues forced my hand and I had to make a dramatic dietary decision.  Still not stabilized, but working on it.  Still not loving police.  Still rocking the khakis with a cuff and a--- sorry.  My mindset has changed from that of not just non-believing, but of activism as well against this corrupt police nation, meat/dairy industry and being active in making my local communities better.  


Time either makes you more focused or weathers you.  Me?  It did all that, but channeled my anger into something positive that makes noise in a way that people can get behind.  It had to start somewhere and some of it start here so, I wanted to say thank you to all of you that heard me out over the years and especially to Brian Sapient for allowing me to express myself without bogging me down.  


That being said, I invite any of you that wish to come onto my program to talk about atheism or any topic that has been eating away at your mind.  You can e-mail me or just leave me a message here;  we'll work it out.  My program has no restrictions and no filters; you are all welcome.


Take care.

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me

 Thanks for the update. 

 Thanks for the update.  You've summed up the landscape well.  I always kept the site up because I believe it's important to leave our arguments up and in tact but didn't have an expectation of people to participate in an ongoing discussion.  Aside from social media sites sucking up all of the independent hosts, I've constantly fought off spammers around these parts.  For the last few months we had some malicious code embedded in the site that we couldn't find and it stopped almost all legitimate views.  Thankfully we've figured it out and can keep it at bay now, but that was a big hit to the last few people that were posting.  

Anyway, glad you're doing well.  What are the details of your podcast?  Where can we hear it?

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Damn, that blows.  Yeah, I

Damn, that blows.  Yeah, I was wondering what the deal was in the past year or so noticing just the activity shrink to almost nothing.  I'm sure everyone is doing well and it seems like you are, too.  Last I read, you were furthering your education which is awesome.  Wouldn't mind having you on the podcast at all, man.  Always respected what you've done if I haven't voiced that enough.


I'm on pretty much every media platform from iTunes, Spotify, Googleplaymusic, Podcast Addict, some are on Youtube (having technical difficulties right now and I'm pissed) and Stitcher.  I take on all topics, but mostly community oriented people.  I'm going away from my personal rants because most people don't like that too much unless you're Bill Burr or something.  Basically, no filters, nothing off limits; an open forums for anything and anyone.  Think of it as a radio version of the forums here, but expanded.


Here is the link to my main page.


"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me

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Sage_Override wrote: Has it


Perhaps the problem is that whenever someone puts their ideas and beliefs out there, you're not challenged in any kind of rational debate. You're just called a "dunderhead" and then expected to just go away. Seems like the Vastets of the world are winning at shutting down dissent. So have the elites pulling the strings that have indoctrinated the masses with accepting their enslavement. So what is wrong with the masses having religion as an opiate for their miserable life of enslavement?


Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. --Mark Skousen

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 If our species never


If our species never questioned social norms, our species never would have left the caves. And EXE,  if the higher the tax rate was such a failure, then why did the high tax rate between the end of WW2 and 1980 give us the middle class? A high tax rate on the middle class and poor is what we already have in the corporate welfare the GOP supports that always ends up in a future bubble.

Billionaires will NOT end up eating cat food if they pay more in taxes. It is true that Wall Street breaks stock market records decade after decade. But what you don't want to admit and the billionaires never tell you, 90-95% of the DOW, S&P and NASDAC  are already owned by billionaires and millionaires. Wall Street is nothing but a casino for the already rich and when they lose the bubble ends up in a bailout the rest of us pay for.

And fuck what Nick Hanaur says, he's only a billionaire whom agrees with me, not you, in that better wages creates more independence and prodects his feedback loop. 





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Brian37 wrote: If our


It is a myth that the economy was good in the 1950s.

The economy was decent in the 1960s following the JFK tax cuts.

The 70s were hyper inflation and oil shortage due to the fact the rich didn't invest in oil production due to high taxes.

The end of the middle class started with the 1965 change in immigration which imported millions of third world immigrants and began the process of turning USA into another overpopulated third world shithold like India and Mexico. It made wages stagnate and housing prices skyrocket.

Also a lot of people became poor intentionally to receive benefits from the welfare state. People in the ghetto said fuck working and took free food, housing and healthcare for being counted as "poor".

That is why you are a rent slave that works for slave wages. Welcome to the third world.

Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success. --Mark Skousen