My absence explained.

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I must apologize for my abrupt disappearance from the internet back in early July, and to any and all persons I was in mid debate with at the time. I quit my job due to multiple head bumpings with the idiots who suck enough balls to call themselves management. As the majority of my posting was done at work, with no net at home, I thereafter vanished across the board. I do not have much time right now, but a computer with net was available and I have enough time to inform people of the scenario. I am not certain when I will be able to return to normal operating procedures on the net, but hope it will be soon. At any rate, if anyone was concerned, there is nothing to be concerned about. I will endeavour to return to active debate as soon as possible, but it could very easily be October or later due to some software problems with my home PC not liking dialup all of a sudden.

Once again I apologize to any and all who where left hanging with any subject, and while it's too long to restart them now, upon my return I am quite willing and able to restart any conversations where I left off. Thank you for your time.


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You should know that while

You should know that while you were gone, we all got sucked in to a parallel multiverse.  We are now posting on the planet fiton and hope you can find the open portal to unite with us again in the future.


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Vastet - thank you for the

Vastet - thank you for the update!!  I was thinking about you the other day and wondering what had happened and was just about to start a thread to see if anyone had heard from you.  Best of luck straightening everything out and we are looking forward to your return!