Mindrape in education

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Authoritarian systems of dominance and control. That is what the educational system is all about. Learn to submit, learn to yield, learn how to be controlled.

In the classroom of any school, children are forced to sit quietly and listen to the dominant authority, the teacher. This authority provides them with both questions and answers, and children are forced to accept both. Dominance, control, submission.

At home, the situation is the same. Parents have placed their children in the role that they were in when they were children, and the cycle continues. Dominance, control, submission.

Adherence to religious myths came from a similar form of "education". People were told what to think and believe, and were rarely allowed to question it. There was always an "authority" who had thought of allowable questions based firmly on the ability to find suitable answers. The answers themselves never had to be right, such was not a major concern. They would simply present both the question and the answer, giving no reason for either, and state the law of acceptance. Dominance, control, and submission.

A good guide can provide reasons for following a specific path. They can allow for alterations in the path, moving between paths, and even assist those who have gotten stuck get back onto a path. They know where all the paths lead and are able to assist a person on finding the right path to any chosen destination. For a good guide, there is no need to dominate and control.

The cycle is good for religion and government, which is why it continues to proliferate. But it isn't good for humanity, it is the rape of the mind. And it needs to be fought.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds