Major Rational Response Sqaud Happenings!

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The Rational Response Squad has a very eventful two weeks in the works, here are some of the scheduling details listed as briefly as possible:

Friday October 20th 9pm est, The Rational Response Squad hosts Jay, a youth minister from Georgia on the program, in an exciting no holds barred discussion. We've been told this was our most enjoyable debate so far. Tune in from our webpage and hang out with some hosts in the chatroom.

Saturday October 21st noon est til about midnight, The Rational Response Squad will once again allow you to get a behind the scenes look at our recording session. The most notable of the shows is to be recorded from about 6pm est-10pm est and is a roundtable discussion with leaders in the field of non-belief on fundamentalism. Visit the homepage of to access our stickam/webcam/chatroom/audio feed.

November 2nd at about 5pm est we will host Professor Richard Dawkins in our studio and discuss his new book which is topping best seller lists around the globe, The God Delusion. The details of his visit are here.

Additionally we are trying to raise a large sum of money to donate to the Richard Dawkins foundation on behalf of all of the fans, listeners, and members of The Rational Response Squad, PLEASE DONATE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN VIA THIS LINK!

Enjoy the shows,

The Rational Response Squad