Lucifer / Satan / the Devil


I may not be 100% accurate with my understanding.  What I have written in these next couple paragraphs is my understanding.  The majority of my questions / points will still stand if I am wrong on specific details. 

Lucifer was the Anointed Cherub.  He was set apart by God for a divine purpose.  God gave Lucifer power and authority.  Lucifer then perverted that power and used it to attempt to place himself above God.  Lucifer was created “perfect”, but iniquity was found in him.  It was not put there by God, but rather Lucifer himself created.  Though Angels were created perfect, they also have free will.  God then casts Lucifer out of the mountain of God and destroys Lucifer covering him in stones of fire (Ezekiel 12-18).  Lucifer, along with a third of all angels, was cast out of Heaven.

 Lucifer is described as a being of perfect beauty with precious stones, pendants, and gold jewelry.   He is described this way while he was in the Garden of Eden.  Lucifer is described as “the god of this world” and the father of all lies.  He “has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

There are some interesting things in the history and general view of Lucifer.  As far as I can tell God does destroy Lucifer by covering him with stones of fire.  Which does half-depict the theory of Hell which is a lake of lava.  God, I suppose, didn’t end up following through with destroying Lucifer though.  The reason that I could find for this seems to be that Lucifer had already put himself in man, and that God would have to destroy man to destroy Lucifer. 

The following statements appear to be true:

1.       Lucifer is not limited to hell, but is also in all people and all things.  Is this a form of omnipresence? Perhaps limited to all things other than Heaven? If Lucifer is in all places though, he then has a physical form that is in Hell?  I don’t see how the two concepts can work together.  What torture is to be had by being in one place of torture while being in all other places also?  God himself is described as omnipresent (all places at once) so he would also be in the places of torture and in and everywhere else similar to Lucifer.

2.       God himself is not powerful enough to eliminate Lucifer without causing collateral damage.  This of course defies the frequently attributed attribute of omnipotence and is a clear biblical counter to this concept.  If God is not omnipotent, then the question of what all limitations to his power becomes a very valid question.

3.       Lucifer could be one fancy looking individual and not scary or demon-like at all.  Interestingly since he has a ‘physical’ description I do find it interesting that he also appears to have a spiritual omnipresence.  What good is torturing his physical form if his spiritual form is allowed to run free?  If Lucifer felt he could over-throw God does this imply  that God also has a physical figure for which Lucifer would have over thrown?

4.       God is clearly not infallible.  He created a perfect being with the allowance to make himself imperfect and then infect his future creations.

5.       God is clearly not omniscient in this case because he would have been able to foresee Lucifer infecting all humans and been able to destroy him before doing so.  He would have been able to see the consequences of his granting Lucifer power ahead of time.

6.       Lucifer is described as the god of this world is an interesting idea.  When you look around at the things that Lucifer is credited for it is extremely numerous.  He appears to be part of anything and everything.  This seems to make him as much a part of our world as God is, and perhaps more so since such a small percentage of the population has been able to find God through all of the smoke screens that Lucifer has put up.  This appears to be a demonstration that Lucifer has some ability to compete with God at least on an advertising level.

7.       Lucifer was still good at the point of creation.  Lucifer was then cast out, but not destroyed.  At which point he infected all humans and caused their downfall.  Hell, which was created for the former angels of heaven, was not created for humans but humans get sent there if they do not find the truth about the one true God despite God’s inability to counteract Lucifer’s being the one credited for propagating the false information.

8.       God was not only incapable of keeping Lucifer on-side despite the apparently immense amount of power he was granted, but he actually had to cast out a third of all his angels.  That’s a pretty significant group of angels that were all created perfectly and all did not side with God. Seeing as they all had free will you could blame it all on Lucifer, or you could just easily suggest that an opposition to God’s autocracy was being questioned by a fairly significant group of his creations.  This is showing that not only has God been incapable of keeping the majority of people on earth believing in him, but he has apparently always had problems as long as he has made his own followers and given them free will.

9.       God clearly failed in creating angels and humans “perfect” since it appears that people exploiting their free will to disagree with his autocracy is worthy of destruction or eternal punishment.

10.   There are many stories of God smiting those that disagree with him, sentencing them to eternal torture, having them killed, beaten, tortured, etc.  There are no stories of God being willing to listen to others opinions.  He grants his creations free will, but then does not allow them to express their free will but rather forces them to choose his path or no path at all.  His regime is clearly and autocracy that is highly intolerant of diversity.  It is interesting to consider this since this general style of government is viewed very negatively by the majority of the people in the world today as well as Christians.  Could Lucifer’s attempts to take over have been through a democratic approach? Could Lucifer just have had a different opinion in which he managed to get 33% of the support on and God would just not listen?

11.   Why would God sentence billions of humans to eternal punishment for his own inability to destroy Lucifer? It appears that God had the intent of it, yet he was unable to and now rather than forgiving people on their death and allowing them to enter Heaven he must send them to eternal torture for being coerced by the Angel he was unable to control.

12.   Lucifer is credited with being the father of lies.  As God is his father, the creator of Lucifer he is obviously the Grandfather of lies.  But since God is the creator of free will which is what allowed Lucifer to become the father of lies, does should make God also the father of lies.  Or perhaps free will is the father of lies, and God once again the grandfather.

13.   It’s interesting to look at all the horrible acts that God is credited with (murders, torture, ethnic cleansing, abuse, etc etc) and the lack of specific horrible deeds that Lucifer did that Lucifer would be deemed ‘all bad’ and God ‘all good’.  Perhaps God’s propaganda has just been more successful since his defeat of his political rival Lucifer.  As is often said, it is the victor that writes history.


I continue to wonder why people choose one faith over another.  There are clearly problems with the stories that are told, but I think there are also a lot of just simply unanswered questions that we are told to always believe on “faith”.  The problem with “faith” is that it can just as easily be wrong as it can be right.  If anything it is far more likely to be wrong than it is to be right.  The stories of believing in Yahweh and Jesus could just have easily been corrupted by Lucifer as they could have been encouraged by God.  Lucifer is credited with creating all the false religions before Christianity came along as a distraction from the one true religion.  But I have to question with all the power that is credited to God why did it take him over 4000 years to have his religion created.  Clearly Lucifer was far more innovative than him since he had been creating religions all throughout human history with hints of what would eventually be Christianity.

Now obviously I don’t believe in Lucifer or God, so why would I write all of this? The answer is quite simple.  I want to encourage people to question, review, and investigate their own faith.  I believe that there are a lot of reasons for people to ask questions about their faith, and I am just trying to help point them out.  There are a lot of beliefs out there, and a lot of good answers coming from the scientific community that are well worth reading about.

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May I clarify?

Lucifer spread the truth and an example of this type of truth is that, "Karate means Kar-eat or, eat in the car".  This seems simplified but in a similar vein God means dog.  Jesus is a Japanese who is the son of a dog and is priveliged with being dog's only be(d)gotten son.  This simply means that the dogs take Jesus to bed.  Japan additionally; is easier to read as Jawpain which indicates that this country suffers from poor dental care.  Obviously Jesus gnaws on his tongue because he can't speak english very well and can't see the light.

Genius Girl I believe this is a reasonable likeness of Lucifer because I was showering with a girl when suddenly, and for no reason, all I could see was light everywhere.  Also, consider that Marilyn Vos Savant is consistently the World's Smartest Person according to Guiness.


*Japan=jawpain for the same reason iraq=earache:  ir=ear; ir is Spanish for hearing.  Aq sounds like a long "a" + q where q=k as in kween or kwick ]

*Jesus is your physician.

*Lucifer's "divine pupose" suggests homosexuality.

*God is really a story like, "me and my dog" and the Holy Book is usually thought of as preschool level reading.



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