Linda from Valle D'Osta asks a question.

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"Dear Mr. Repucci, most of the Atheists I have met are moral relitivists -- why is that? As a Christian woman, my morals aren't subjective and are clearly defined in the bible...are all Atheists beholden to a moral code?"

Thank you and God Bless,

Linda Valle D'osta, Georga.

Kant is a good place to start. Incidentally, did you know that the statistical data on the subject would suggest that atheists are more moral than any other religious group in the US? The prisons are full of christians and muslims -- but very few atheists wind up incarcerated.
Utilitarian Humanism is my credo. There isn't a system of ethics that does not address the golden rule in any religious or social body -- everybody has roughly the same moral code, and that code pre-dates a religious usurpation (thanks, Hammurabi!) with it's roots firmly in secular rule of society. Morals aren't relative just because they aren't handed down by god on stone tablets -- and moral relitivism is a dangerous proposition. Do not murder, do not rape, do not steal, do not lie...theses are moral tennants that we can all agree upon, regardless of superstitious belief. Moreover, I would claim that the Judeo-Christian God is the least moral entity in existence, were he to actually exist. God slaughters innocent babies, and damns them to an eternity of torture. God gambles for Job's soul with Satan. God, time after time, sacrifices the many for the benefit of the few in the old testament, encouraging the Jews to slay the Philistines down to every last man, woman, and child. Why doesn't your god act in a moral fashion, if he is so concerned with morality? Even the president of the USA isn't above the law, yet because Yahweh is a Tyrant, who will marshall his tyrany for eternity, unchecked by any body politic or rival deities, is above admonition or rebuke for his evil.
My moral nature comes from the same place you theists get yours, really -- you just can't see this to be true, because you think your morals come from your religion. Christianity has been used since it's inception to perpetrate atrocities the world over -- your religion offers little in the way of morality. Besides, you believers have no choice in the matter; you are moral or you suffer eternal damnation. You aren't 'choosing' the hard right over the easy wrong, you are simply following the numbers at your feet that say "Heaven, this way -->" are as clockwork oranges, without true choice. Christianity makes the hard right an easy one, by threatening the christian with torture, and dangling paradise on a string. We all have morals, and, mostly, the important ones we can agree upon. Things like sex and drugs are, truely, far less important than whether or not I stab someone...if that is subjectivity, then you may call me subjective -- I just consider it a matter of relevance.

The Broken Pocketwatch,

--L. A. Repucci

Data on who is more "good",

Data on who is more "good", Christians or atheists--is completely irrelevant if the nature of the good itself is in question.  And that was part of Linda's question: upon what you based your moral code. 

 If you are an atheist, upon what moral standard are you basing your moral judgments of Christianity?  You say that Christianity has done bad things.  Upon what basis should a Christian accept your judgment that these are, in fact, bad things?  And what is your rational basis for believing in this standard by which you purport to judge Christianity?

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Wow.   Really?   My





My ENTIRE piece was an answer to that exact question.


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