Letters to friends you've lost to God belief

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This section is comprised of letters to loved ones who have been lost to God. If you have a friend or family member who you care about, and you would like them to know how it feels to see them living a life of delusion please explain your views in a letter for them for the whole world to see. Too often you see theists talking about people who have become atheist, and many of times the other side of the story isn't told, because atheists are in the minority. This world in which the thoughts of the ignorant majority reign supreme must stop, and those who have lost a loved one to theism must speak up. There is another side to this story, we have feelings too. We care, love, and hurt just like theists do. You need to know how much it hurts to see you give your money to the Church, how much it hurts to see you vote based on irrational dogma, to see you act so hypocritically (pro-life/pro-war), to see you live a life of fantasy.

Look forward to our upcoming websites where these letters will be featured for the world to see: