Letter to a Sleeping Nation

In recent days I have thought on many things about our current administration. Things that would have meant little to me a year ago are now expresses ideas and feels more elegantly then I think I could. If not they are at least right on the money. Last night I watched the music video Mosh by Eminem. In the past it would have just been a good song today it has more meaning. Yes it is pop culture, but everything thing was new at one point.

I read and hear quotes of our founding fathers and today I hear the meaning more clearly then I did less then a year ago. In the news, those of which have the fucking balls to even mention it speak not from the view of a reporter but talk as though action might have to be taken.

The only concern I have are the effects of such thinking. It makes me wonder if such a thing could happen. I mean really we are facing a president whom goes to war under false pretenses, has secret prisons, and has now legalized torture. What kind of America is this? I repeat WHAT KIND OF AMERICA IS THIS? Why am I even posing this question?

Such things thoughts move me more then anything else in my life. I am almost overwhelmed with emotion right now. Tears of rage and fear would pour from eyes if I didn’t have focus. I am not ashamed to admit it for it means I am human. The idea that people are being wronged by such a powerful force and then rise up against it. These people would be going against a force which most likely crush them, but they continue on. They continue on for freedom.

These ideas are those that men and women of our armed forces are suppose to protect. These ideas are the basis of our country. Now what is it worth to normal public and what is worth to you? If we had a government who was doing wrong who would rise up and fight for freedom? Would our military? Would the citizens? Would the citizens even know what the fuck was going on? This isn't to suggest we should at this point or even how one would go about it, but really if no one brings it up there is nothing to stop those in power from doing the very things we fear.

I hate this idea. I hate and despise I should even have to consider such rash actions, but it is our last option and must be considered as we run out of options. Call me a conspiracy nut, mislead, or even a complete dumb ass. I don’t care what you think of me history will be the judge of such things and if my fears our founded or not.


Eminem "MOSH"