Last minute decision to run a Rational Response Squad marathon NOW

Many of our non-American listeners have trouble tuning in to our streaming radio show at our normal time, so we decided to hols a late night marathon. It started at 2:45 am est Saturday August 19th. Hopefully some of our European and Australian friends can tune in!

The programming line up is as follows (all times EST- New York- USA)

Luigi Cascioli episode: 2:45 am-3:45 am
Ray Comfort episode: 3:45- 5:15 am
Man claiming to be Jesus: 5:15-6:15 am
Sam Smith didn't stand for the pledge: 6:15-7:45 am
Infidel Guy episode: 7:45-9:15 am
Hip Hop Freethinkaz: 9:15-10:45 am
Replay of last nights Carrier show: 10:45am-12 pm
NEW SHOW Washington RRS: 12-1:22 pm
The DRUNK show: 1:22-3:14 pm

Hang out in the chatroom with the larger freethoughtmedia and Infidelguy community.

All shows are available for purchase in discounted packages at