Kathy Grifin open invitation

I will be contacting Kathy Griffin to talk to her about her recent censorship, and hope to have her on the show when we can get our audio fixed.


Please sign the petition to stop censoring Kathy Griffin.

Petition: http://suckitjesus.com/

I can't wait til Donahue from the Catholic league, directly names us. He is a perfect example of how last strangeholds of religion will end up leaving kicking and screaming like children, dumb whiny bitchy children. He's indirectly addressed things involving our efforts.

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Kathy Griffin's Emmy Speech: "Suck It Jesus!"

Shown unedited tonight on Larry King (and Sally Field's comment too) is on YT:


MyDogCole wrote: Shown

MyDogCole wrote:

Shown unedited tonight on Larry King (and Sally Field's comment too) is on YT:



At about 5 minutes in you here that censorship actually draws attention to material.  Hovind learned this the hard way. 

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Without even seing the

Without even seing the clip, the first word I got of this "stirr" brew ha ha, I knew that she wasnt being "anti-Christian", but pointing out the absurd invocation of Jesus by people who should realize that they are fortunate and there are more important things in life than winning an award.

WAY TO GO KATHY GRIFFIN , and It will be fantastic to hear her on your show!

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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HA! I love it. I liked what

HA! I love it. I liked what she said about the full page ad christian entertainers put out about her "Suck it Jesus." Oh, dancers, maybe they need help coming out of the closet...

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Just being curious, do we

Just being curious, do we know where Ms. Griffin started out, theologically speaking?