Justifications for existence

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In primitive tribal systems, the support of a persons life was justified by their ability for participation in the activities of the tribe. If a boy could not be trained to hunt, for instance, he had nothing to contribute and his life was not justified.

Thus began the need to prove oneself and validate a persons existence.

Throughout most of agrarian social systems, a woman who was incapable of producing offspring was condemned as unworthy. Even during most of the Christian era, where a child's birth was equated to the building of a prison, women who were "barren" were considered of no real value. Thus, there was a heavy burden placed upon them to justify their existence.

In fact, the idea that the body is a prison in which a soul, longing to be free, is caged, makes the need for justification even greater. All religions are predicated on this thought, that all life exists to hold spirits captive. The Christian holy book states that one is justified by faith. A person who is born to the detriment of their spirit must justify their existence so that their spirit will know that it is all OK. To the Christian, it is their faith that provides this justification.

If I have to have a justification for my existence, I think that it is that I exist. My very existence is enough to justify itself.

I am become death, destroyer of worlds