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Fuck you and your gods.

(I need at least ten words so don't read this part plz)

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Public Stoning: Not Just for

Public Stoning: Not Just for the Taliban Anymore


Fundies will always be seeking control through out every generation.
Sometimes we will in ignorance help them and then by the time we see what we have done it is too late. Politics needs voters and will cater to at least some degree to almost any demographic.


Not all Christians are the same. You know this. Know them by their fruits don't just allow them to manipulate you through your own prejudices. Some Christian denominations are very dangerous. Maybe to them you are not a real Christian. In a theocracy there can be only one true Church.

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Oops. Sorry. I am not used

Oops. Sorry. I am not used to the blogs. I guess I should have checked first. Sorry Elegy.

This new set up is very good, I just need to get used to it.

Want me to delete my posts in your blog?

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I have heard some people

I have heard some people call Judaism, Christianity and Islam "The Terrible Three"

Its becuase their Gods are evil murdering bastards who love us all so much that there is no escaping their evil murderous love except through annhiliation. Oops that is just Judaism.

The even more Terrible of the three, Christianity and Islam are a little different -their evil murdering Gods will love you in hell. No escaping their Gods perfect love. God is love. Love is hate and hate is love.

God teaches us that in their holy books. Flying an airplane into buildings or bombing an abortion clinic obviously is love. It is Godly. God is love. God is a man of war. Love is Hate and Hate is Love.


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hahaha but there are lots of


but there are lots of other religions that are violent too.

those 3 are just ignorant and famous ones

peee ess keep the first comment it funny

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I do not know about the

I do not know about the others. I will not stop you from criticisng their holybooks. All knowledge is good.

What was funny about my first post? I do not understand.

When it comes to theism what is your point of view?

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the first comment; it just

the first comment; it just kind of seems random and i like that aha.

Theism.. I think it's really stupid that people believe there's one god that created us and everything else.

1) God was translated wrong, if it were translated correctly from Hebrew it would be "Gods" not God, not singular. That's one thing
2) I don't believe Jesus 'walked on water'. There's proof somewhere that he walked on ice
3) the number of the beast, again, I believe, is 616 not 666.

those are all just stupid things, but if they're wrong about all of those.. how do we know their so called gods or god exists?

lame lame lame, common sense.

what about you

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I know that there is no God.

I know that there is no God. Some one, I will not say who, but a man that is very annoying because he is so right about a lot of things it seems. What he says makes sense. I used to not like him. Sticking out tongue

He said that super natural is beyond nature. This means beyond identity. No identity. To exist is to have a nature. The way he speaks of a limitation is different than what I usually thought about them. A pot that holds water can hold water because of its limitation. Take away that limitation and the water is not limited to the pot. The pots nature is to hold water and its make up has limitations which also allow it to hold water. Take those limitations away and you have nothing but water on the ground.

God is the same. Theism holds no water? Sticking out tongue

I miss God, and I feel sorry for theists that their is no God. I love theists. God can be true in a way. We pin certain good qualities to God. These can come true if we stop settling for ignorant beliefs. To be satified with comforting false hoods means little investigation to find what is good. We can make God true in ways, but we must give up God to do it. That is my humble opinion.

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In some ways I am still a

In some ways I am still a Christian despite that I am now an atheist.

I will not condone the bible being called Gods book. I refuse.

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That's kind of

That's kind of true.


I feel sorry for them too, they're going to be in for a surprise when they die.

I saw a gravestone: "Here lies the body of an atheist: all dressed up, but nowhere to go". I think all of us are all dressed up but have nowhere to go.

So it sucks if you dedicate your life to "god".

I don't get how you're still a Christian though :S

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What I got out of

What I got out of Christianity was mostly good. I did not like what other Christians did sometimes. But some churches are good.

But they lied to me. They made me fall in love with Jesus. I did not really read the bible a lot. Our preachers philosophy is good, but not really biblical. A preacher is big with her philosophy but very skimpy on scripture it seems. Atheists online showed me parts of the bible that are very bad.

I am angry because they lied about Jesus. They lied about God. More inportantly the bible should not be Gods book. NEVER EVER.

I still have a lot of the values that they gave me. Those values are good I think and I will not give them up.

love your neighbor as yourself. Help the poor. Orphans and widows. Blessed are the meek. Love is patent, it is kind, it is not jealous, it does not boast, it is not proud, It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

I will make these all true without God and certainly without the bible as Gods word. There are very bad things in the bible too. I do not condone it.

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Other atheists do not like

Other atheists do not like me because I feel deeply. I am more emotional than logical a lot of times. I try to be reasonable though.

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Well they didn't really lie

Well they didn't really lie about jesus and god...

If they lied about it, they know the truth that there is no such thing. But they believe in jesus and god.

it's still lying, but you know they weren't trying to hurt you

Yeah, some parts of the bible are good like that. But it's so.........hypocritcal, it contradicts itself, everything in there is a metaphor

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Yes. The hypocricy makes me

Yes. The hypocricy makes me angry. I think Fred Phepls is a little less hypocritical and more dangerous than other fundies.

I hate fundamentalism. If we are saved by grace alone we are free to be evil. If faith without works is dead and we should follow the bible

...God help us.

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