Jake and Kelly talk about the haters and atheist diversity

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Jake of www.atheistnetwork.com and mentor to both Rook Hawkins and Brian Sapient flew in from California to visit the Rational Response Squad house. Upon Jakes arrival, conversation ensued with Kelly about atheist diversity and some of the people that hate on the Rational Response Squad.

(some explicit language and sexual content)

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Thankyou RRS!

If I haven't mentioned it before I guess I'll do so here.

I was proud that both Brian and Kelly not only handled themselves with honesty and integrity, but that they actually agreed to take on Ray and Kirk in the first place.

As Jake mentioned in the video; it's no mean feat agreeing to be put in the firing line on national TV in front of a largely Christian crowd, (the USA) and what was bound to be a somewhat biased representation of the debate by the media. This takes courage, maturity and dedication on the part of RRS and I applaud you both for it. If you care about these issues, then you should also take time to thank them too.

As the saying goes; "there's more than one way to skin a cat" Something that Harris, Dawkins, Dennett and even Neil Tyson agrees with. So if these giants of rational thought accept that there isn't an exclusive method of polemicising religion, why do the haters believe that there is?

There seems to be 2 sides to the atheist position; an intellectual one and a political one. The former lends power to the latter. For some it may just be an interesting intellectual pursuit, for many of you folks in the USA it is most definitely a political one that impacts the lives of everyone.

I guess people assume representation and as Kelly said; "get off your ass and go do something yourself in your own way"

In other words the best way to represent yourself is to go represent yourself!

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I feel where you all are

I feel where you all are coming from, I know someone who always seems to point out the downside of things but never seems to egnolage the good. These are the people who seem to always precieve themselves to be correct in all situations, even when it's clear to the outside observer that they haven't weight out all the information on both sides of the scale to begin with. Or they'll just at the least egnolage one good thing, and leave it at that...

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called Insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called Religion." - Robert M. Pirsig,

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Looks vs brains

Thank you for so openly shooting down the asinine comments people have made about Kelly's looks, the wardrobe, etc. It's like you've made a point, it's solid and there's nothing else to attack. Or am I giving them too much credit. Perhaps it's just that they're stuck at age twelve. Anyway, keep up the good work. Peace.Dan www.dangerics.com 

PS, Brian's hot, too!


LaughingI loved the debate where Kelly said I would rather go to hell then worship a megolomaniaic. Kirk was so hurt he was talking about it on O'brian later. Money mouth

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Since you never get this

Since you never get this Brian, here you go : You are so hot !

Ahh..geez...I was gonna say

Ahh..geez...I was gonna say it, but Girl Dancing In... beat  me to it.


Brian, you are so hot...especially for an Antichrist.




"Faith does not fear reason."--Pope Pius XII

"But it should!"--Me

Fuk'n A

Fuk'n A this video is fuk'n hot cuz fuk'n Kelly/s fuk'n hot fuk'n tits are fuk'n in it. Otherwise, the content is just emotionally wounded malcontents stringing the work fuck together using inchoherent quasi academic pradle.

LOL...as atheists you gurls and gays rule...OMFUKNGOD you are the best thing to happen to christianity since the Crusades. Keep up the good work...I could not give a flying fornication with a warm rolling pastry about the concept of deity, but I soooooo like to watch a group of pretentious snobs fail. You're the best at what you do.

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viper601 wrote:I could not

viper601 wrote:
I could not give a flying fornication with a warm rolling pastry about the concept of deity, but I soooooo like to watch a group of pretentious snobs fail.

I guess that's about as friendly as you get, eh, Viper? What do you figure any of us are failing at terribly? And why would you be so excited about that? Simple schadenfreude, or something more interesting?

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Can anybody say,

Can anybody say, "B...ba...ba...banned!"