Iron Man 2 (Review)

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Summary: Third person shooter, with melee capability. Based on Earth in the Marvel universe. Featuring Iron Man and War Machine.

Controls: The control scheme for this game is sufficient to beat the game, but is not particularly intuitive. If the game were more challenging then this would have been a bigger problem than it is, but it still affects enjoyment of the title.

The graphics in this game are reminiscent of the PS2/XBox generation. Environments and characters are more blocky than most current titles. In fact, FFX (2001) on the PS2 had superior graphics.

There are no significant problems with the sound, but it does give the impression of being unfinished. Mostly due to the story.
The voice acting was provided largely by the movie cast, and is as good as one can expect for the most part.

The setting varies mission to mission. Russia, the US, and unspecified airspace are the primary settings.

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The story is not related to

The story is not related to the movie. I don't want to say much about the story because it took me only 3.5 hours to beat it. But it was fragmented and poorly directed. It screams that it was subjected to the typical hollywood tactic of throwing crap together, slapping a name on the box, and hoping it sells.

Trophy/achievement hunters can be assured that this game takes no longer than 12 hours to finish in entirety. It isn't particularly challenging, and it's generally easy to figure out what to do at any given moment.

I can't recommend purchasing this game to anyone. You can wipe the floor with it in a fraction of a day, and won't likely ever pick it up again. Even fans of Marvel would do well to stay away. Only trophy/achievement hunters will find much value in this title, and that value is restricted to the speed at which 100% completion can be achieved.

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