I was brought up . . .

in a nonreligius household and have been an atheist all my life. I just discovered this web site after seeing it on Nightline, and I just have to say that I find it quite refreshing. I have in the past attended the Ethical Society, which is great, but they lack fire. Free thinkers are under attack in this society, and we need to fight for our place, just as hard as the religious fundamentalists. Hopefully we have a lot more appealing message. Keep up the good work.


Glad to hear it Bobby. 

Glad to hear it Bobby.  Since you have been active with Ethical Society, perhaps you would be interested in an upcoming project:  www.atheistvolunteers.org

The Enlightenment wounded the beast, but the killing blow has yet to land...

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Welcome, Bobby.  You've definitely found a place that has plenty of fire!  Glad to have you aboard.

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