I tried talking to "garyvit"

It was interesting... I was honestly wanting him to show me his claims. I started it in a personal chat so he could talk to me without random comments from people, thinking this would make it easier for him.

voiderest: hey grav what is your claim
garyvit: Sapient is an idiot.
garyvit: That is my main claim.
voiderest: so how is he dumb?
garyvit: How is he not?
voiderest: aren't you the one making the claim here?
garyvit: Yeah.
garyvit: Who says I can't ask questions.
garyvit: ?
voiderest: It looked like you wanted me to prove something
voiderest: So what is an example of him being an dumb?
garyvit: Can you be more specific?
voiderest: Can you give me an example of him being "an idiot."
voiderest: it is your claim to define and give evidence for.
garyvit: I'm really to lazy to talk to you right now.
garyvit: I'm not the one who came to you trying to prove anything: Note this.
voiderest: Grav what are you doing in the room then?
garyvit: Making fun of Sapient, and trying to ruin him more.
garyvit: What are you doing?
voiderest: I started this in a privet chat so you can show me without them saying something against you.
voiderest: I'm here because I enjoy this topic
garyvit: What topic?
voiderest: Showing me how RRS is someone in the wrong with something.
voiderest: somehow*
garyvit: What?
garyvit: Be more specific.
garyvit: With what?
garyvit: The stance on theism?
garyvit: It's unjustified.
garyvit: If you're making a positive "negative claim" you need one hell of an argument.
garyvit: Much more than "there is no evidence"
voiderest: I want you to show me your claim against RRS and show me why I should believe you.
garyvit: That's nothing, that's YOUR reason, but some people habe their own reasons.
garyvit: You shouldn't believe me, you should think on your fucking own.
voiderest: the topic of athism was something I reached on my own, but I wasn't aware your claim was agianst the idea.
voiderest: I was under the impression atheist are aginst RRS so theism wouldn't be the issue
garyvit: Well, not all atheists are against the RRS.
garyvit: I'm just saying, many atheists see the RRS as the FOX equivalent for atheism.
garyvit: Intolerant, dogmatic, the works.
voiderest: I am well aware some atheist don't like RRS...
garyvit: Are you aware that many don't?
voiderest: ok so your claim is that they are intolerant and dogmatic. Can you tell me what those terms mean to you?
garyvit: No.
garyvit: That's too much to type out.
voiderest: Some and Many shouldn't matter here as that is just an appel to numbers. I said some to show a group, size of which I am unaware.
voiderest: ok pick one then
voiderest: show me half the argument
voiderest: this is your argument I am asking you to show me. Don't you want me to stop wasting my time with them?
voiderest: Maybe help you?
voiderest: Did you know I have questioned their methods?
voiderest: well if you aren't going to make an argument or support it with anything I'm not going to believe you...
voiderest: would you like to show me their irrationality?
voiderest: grav by being uneasy about giving out a claim and then refusing to define it and give and example or other proof I can not respect your beliefs on RRS or the way you argue against them.

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Aggghhh!!! As incredulous as


As incredulous as religion itself has become to me, so too has gravity the asshat.
I have never been one to simply shrug and suggest therapy, but in this instance...... with this individual......

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I just don't understand the

I just don't understand the amount of energy being put forth to discredit the RRS from atheists (even though gravity is not an athiest, he has befriended some atheists that are on an anti-rrs crusade).

As I said, if the credo of an apatheist is live and let live..then...well...why such hatred and animosity and time...it seems as if there is something else going on here...this isn't anymore about the RRS, perhaps people just need to look deep in their hearts..and let the hate go...let it go....breathe...breathe.....let the hate go. It's ok...we love you. Smiling

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