I think if everyone worshipped dirt it'd be better than worshipping an invisible man

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yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes it would.

Why didn't you make an

Why didn't you make an argument for your case? I agree with you, but it seems silly to waste a blog entry on just the title of the blog alone. That's why we have the 10 word filter on.

You could've at least mentioned that we have evidence that dirt exists, we don't have evidence for a god.

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Alright, I'll begin. By

Alright, I'll begin.

By worshipping dirt, I didn't exactly mean actually worshipping dirt, I meant worshipping nature, celebrating what we have.

One thing I love about Christianity is the fact that they thank (someone who's not there) for what they have. It's wonderful that they do that and I think everyone should do that.

Although most Christians are ignorant of, well, neoPagan religions and the like, they believe that it's Satan worshipping.

What's Satan worshipping? Loving trees? Loving grass? Loving animals? Being happy that you exist and are given the gift of... nature? Feeling some sort of energy when you are in a beautiful place? Then I suppose if that's satan worshipping, Nature must be Satan.

o0o0o0o0oo scared now

I live on something that used to be satan omfgz.

So by worshipping, loving, taking care of and defending, celebrating and thanking Nature, we humans would be better off.

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o sorry about the *spam*

o sorry about the *spam*