I am not wealthy, but can I contribute in some small way, either financially or otherwise, to help ensure your freedoms?

I am a Theist, but must say, with profound conviction, that your courage and honesty moves me deeply, to the core of my being, and ask for your help as to how I can help protect you from having to live in fear. In my book, your honesty and courage in expressing your rationally reached conclusions are far more valuable to humanity than the conclusions of those who threaten you; they are the ones who are living in hell already. I agree with you - there is no hell - except for those who hate and threaten others who do not agree with them. They are the ones who have created hell for themselves, and who would create it for all of us if they had the power to do so...PLEASE report all threats to the authorities. You should NOT have to broadcast out of a secet "bunker." If the message of religion is that those who do not agree with certain doctrines are automatically doomed to hell, then I am an atheist, too.

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I think the thing that

I think the thing that anyone, theist or not, can do is vote with their vote and their voice.

If you live in a smaller town, go to the city council meetings and speak up whenever someone starts calling down the authority of god.  Tell them that the U.S. is built on separation of church and state.  Do your homework and go with informed opinions.

I've always thought that theists especially ought to push for separation of church and state.  What if the state picks the "wrong" version of Christianity?  You're screwed.  Forever. (Or at least for your whole life.)

How awful would it be if the church was openly funded by the government.  The gub-ment would then get to decide what churches could preach (of course, they could preach what they wanted and not get any money...)

We've seen theocracy before, and it's very very scary.

I think everyone ought to fight to make sure god stays out of government.


Atheism isn't a lot like religion at all. Unless by "religion" you mean "not religion". --Ciarin

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