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I do respect your opinion and yes this is a very touchy subject; however, everything you are writing and how you judge God is as if he is a man. You are trying to judge him as a human and trying to put him in a box and look into it and point at all the things you see wrong with him.

Here you are suggesting that I not rationally examine your god. Why would I ever abandon my reason? Would you offer such council on other subjects? Are you intimating that god is somehow beyond logic? I would tend to agree…there is nothing logical about your god, and the only reason to ask me to abdicate my faculties in his consideration, is that your god doesn't stand up to rational thought…at least we concur upon this point.

Man has and is still trying to put God under a microscope and comparing science to God. I believe God is beyond human laws and the understanding of science in which we humans have created.

So god is beyond our understanding? I guess that would make you an agnostic, wouldn't it? Agnosticism is the tenant that god cannot be known by man…and is decidedly not a christian standpoint. Also, to claim that humans 'created' rational thought is a bit like claiming that humans 'created' mathematics. These are not creations of man, but discoveries of man. 2+2=4 not because man wills it, but because it is necessarily the case.

God is not human. If we were to find an alien on a different galaxy and brought him to Earth, would we hold him accountable under human law even though he is not us? As far as God and the children of Egypt, I believe God gives life has the right to take it away from any of us, including mine.

This is an excellent illustration of one of my points of contention with the christian community – christians are moral relativists. They do not believe that ethical behavior is universal and objective, but subjective and varied amongst people. Christians view ethics as a construct, not a constant. Yes, I would treat your alien with the same decency that I extend to all sentient beings. And yes, I hold god to the same moral standards as anyone else. Why is it that god should find it immoral for humans to murder each other, when he does so at the drop of a hat? We do not allow our rulers to be above the law (thank you, Magna Carta!); why allow our deity the latitude to violate his own commandments? Morality should be teleological – that is, they should be good in and of themselves. Murder is wrong because it is fascistic, not because god says it is wrong.

God is Dead- Nietzsche, Nieche is Dead- God

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'I refuse to believe in a god who does not dance.' –Nietzsche
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