The Haters: Volume Five: The American Family Association

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Donald E. Wildmon
Born Jan 18, 1938 in Dumas Mississippi
Education: Graduated 1960 from Milsaps College, spent two years in the US Army (1961-1963), he then earned a Masters in Divinity from Emory University's Candler School of Theology in 1965.
He worked as an Ordained Minister of the United Methodist Church from 1964 until 1977

In 1977, Wildmon moved his family to Tupelo Mississippi to fulfil his dream of foisting his narrow version of blue nose morality on the public at large. To this end, he founded the National Federation for Decency.

His first target was Sears, for sponsoring Charlie’s Angels, Three’s Company and All in the Family. Sears withdrew its sponsorship for the first two.

Is this a man motivated by a desire for a return to morality and family values, or is there another agenda?

Let’s let him speak for himself;

"Hollywood and the theater world is heavily influenced by Jewish people."

And he has consistently expressed his belief that there is a conspiracy among television network executives and advertisers which amounts to

"… a genuine hostility towards Christians and the Christian faith. This anti-Christian programming is intentional and by design."

Others have said;

Wildmon's platform consists of one concept, which we mentioned earlier in this article — to promote "the Biblical ethic of decency in American society." In order to achieve his goal, he wants to eradicate all ideas with which he disagrees. In his book The Home Invaders, Wildmon wrote, "The danger lies not in the vulgar and obscene pictures... The danger is the philosophy behind those pictures. That philosophy is humanism."

Freedom Writer, June/July/August 1989

Over the years, the AFA has promoted dozens of Boycotts of companies and organizations that offended their delicate sensibilities. They get the word out via the 180 radio Stations flying the AFR (American Family Radio) banner, Their magazine American Family Journal and of course through their frequently hysteric and factually challenged email Action Alerts. Some of these boycotts have been successful, Notably in getting the 7-11 chain to stop selling Playboy and Penthouse magazines in 1986.

Other companies have felt the sting of self righteousness but sometimes, they fight back. When the AFA tried the boycott tactic against Walden Books in 1989 to get them to stop carrying Playboy and Penthouse, Walden launched it’s own media campaign championing the First Amendment, a campaign that led to a lawsuit under the RICO act, claiming that AFA was acting as a criminal organization usurping the Company’s right to conduct legal business without fear of intimidation or threat. The AFA settled out of court.

Any hint that a company might support Gay Rights will earn the AFA’s displeasure. Boycotts and letter writing campaigns have been launched against Ford and Campbell Soup for advertising in Gay Magazines, as well as contributing to Gay Rights organizations. They boycotted McDonalds because one of its Directors also sat on the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. They also have a problem with Hallmark, because they have same sex Wedding Cards. All in all, it appears that Wildmon’s AFA wants to erase any hint that Gay people exist at all.

The AFA expresses public concern over what it refers to as the "homosexual agenda." They state that the Bible "declares that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful." The AFA actively lobbies against the social acceptance of homosexual behavior ("We oppose the homosexual movement's efforts to convince our society that their behavior is normal&quotEye-wink.The AFA also actively promotes the idea that homosexuality is a choice and that sexual orientation can be changed through religious teachings in ex-gay ministries.

  To quote the AFA;

"Indifference or neutrality toward the homosexual rights movement will result in society's destruction by allowing civil order to be redefined and by plummeting ourselves, our children, and grandchildren into an age of godlessness"; "A national 'Coming Out of Homosexuality' provides us a means whereby to dispel the lies of the homosexual rights crowd who say they are born that way and cannot change"; and "We want to outlaw public homosexuality...We believe homosexuality is immoral and leads ultimately to personal and social decay."

But the AFA doesn’t reserve it’s bile for gays alone, although they do seem to spend an enormous amount of time and energy fighting against the pernicious influence of 5-8% of the population…

They also don’t like other religions (Are you really surprised?)

In response to a wildly inaccurate meme that had Muslims wanting to replace the Bible with the Quoran. One of their ‘Action Alerts urged the faithful flock to support a "law making the Bible the book used in the swearing-in ceremony of representatives and senators." Damn that pesky old First Amendment, anyway...

One of the primary mouth pieces for the AFA, (and close, personal friend of David Duke, the ex Klansman) Bryan Fischer has said

"Permits should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America, let alone the monstrosity planned for Ground Zero. This is for one simple reason: each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government." And "Because of this subversive ideology, Muslims cannot claim religious freedom protections under the First Amendment."

When in 2007, majority leader  Harry Reid invited a Hindu, Rajad Zed, to give the opening prayer for the Senate, the Action Alerts went ballistic saying that they were

"seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god." And  "since Hindus worship multiple gods, the prayer will be completely outside the American paradigm, flying in the face of the American motto One Nation Under God.”

In 2005, the Southern Poverty Law Center stated that the AFA engaged in ‘hate speech’, by 2009, the SPLC upgraded (downgraded?) the status to being a ‘Hate Group’, largely for deliberately and repeatedly promoting lies saying that that the AFA's "propagation of known falsehoods and demonizing propaganda" was behind the new status.

In a palpably ironic note, the AFA invariably claims that any criticisms of its views and actions amount to an attempt stifle their First Amendment rights to free speech…


LC >;-}>

Christianity: A disgusting middle eastern blood cult, based in human sacrifice, with sacraments of cannibalism and vampirism, whose highest icon is of a near naked man hanging in torment from a device of torture.

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Anyone who would fuck with

Anyone who would fuck with Charlie's Angels is a gigantic jackass. When even liberal congress tried to screw with Dee Snyder from "Twisted Sister" and when the prude hack tried to attack Married With Children, it exposed the hypocrisy of the climate of the times.

And for anyone to think that the original Charlie's Angel's show was a boon for the decline for humanity,  did not go to school with me, in my first year in high school when I proudly pronounced to a group of teens who were ahead of the times when I pronounced my favorite actor to the entire class was Farrah Fawsett, and upon that announcement, the entire class laughed at me.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Dunno much about this bloke



and his antipathy towards charlie's angels. But there is a lot of piss-taking of fundamentalist christianity in films and TV written by jewish writers. It's probably fair to say jewish folks aren't that fond of christianity. They are generally much kinder to islam despite the fact it's the more unsavoury of the 3 monotheistic faiths. Christianity is nowhere near as directly hateful towards jews as islam is. I always enjoy watching religion being laughed at, personally. There are some funny moments in Arrested Development and the movie Paul wasn't bad in that regard, either. But you don't see judaism mocked in the same way despite the fact its central supernaturalism and stories of origins are identical.                                                   

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Hindu prayer before the Senate

The prayer you mentioned.

Religion Kills !!!

Numbers 31:17-18 - Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.