Greetings From the Negative Zone! (Election Day Special)

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Well, it's certainly been very interesting lately in this place.  The people have pretty much accepted me without going through a thorough background check or asking me a lot of questions.  They just seem to amalgamate anything and everything that seems non-threatening.  Granted, I was KICKED through the temporal nexus so to speak that brought me here, but we're just splitting hairs at this point. 


So, yes, I  hope everything has been good for the rest of you.  To those mocking my experience in this place as a bad acid trip, you can go fuck yourselves.  Thank you.  Now then, I know I haven't been updating at all or lurking around here, but I've been busy with some dignitaries here and they recently invited me to one of their "Civil Commons" gatherings which is what I think we should call ours if such a thing existed in politics today.  No, what WE have is arrogance, greed, lobbyists, Wall Street banksters and liars.  Ain't America grand? 


I got a front row seat to their proceedings and it was pretty interesting to someone that's never seen it before.  I'm sure most of those in attendance were just going through the motions, but I sat in awe of it all; the hand gestures, the colorful wigs, the open profanity (not insulting anyone; just people cursing), energy drinks everywhere and not one of the people in the room dressed alike.  Everyone in this building was unique.  They dressed elegantly, but not in an offending way to the eyes.  It mesmerized me; I couldn't stop staring.  I didn't want to seem like a weirdo so, I just glanced every now and then trying not to fixate too much on one thing.


Now, the most interesting thing I can add about all of this is the fact that ideas were being bounced around left and right, but there was no discernible order, nor was there chaos.  Most of it was spirited talks about the environment, energy efficiency and easier ways to successfully deal with a gamers quarrel when there's either a tie or a dispute about whether or not cheating was involved.  I found most of what they had to say fascinating because it wasn't dry, it wasn't PC and there wasn't any snooty attitudes dripping with a hidden agenda.  It was exactly as advertised and more.  No one was rude even when the chatter became very noisy; it all just evened out because there were no boundaries and everyone had their say.  With every group discussing their topics, each person had a card to write down the pros and cons of said topic.  Near the end of the gathering, each card was examined and looked over by different groups for different perspectives; kind of like a blind focus group, but round robin style so that everything was rotated around the room and covered promptly.  After all was said and done, a person was chosen at random to write down on a piece of paper what topics got the most votes on the pro/con sides, went to the front of the house and proclaimed the decisions.  After all of this was done, they were sent off via e-mail to everyone in the dimension to make sure they thought the ideas were good and the ones that didn't make it past public approval were discussed again and the ones that DID were passed immediately.  From what I understand, there needs to be above 80% approval for it to successfully pass, no exception.  Pretty simple if you ask me, but that's this place, not planet Earth.  I asked if there was any instance where something wasn't passed for a long time and they all said that a motion to deny usage of the words "irregardless" and "guesstimate" was constantly being revoked by the public and to this day, they can't figure out why.  I told them that people hate those words in our world and there's no law against using them, but at least they're not recognized as correct grammar by anyone with half a brain.


I ended my day speaking with some of those in attendance after it ended and they were all very kind, but I felt they were a little too zealous at times, even by my standards.  I politely excused myself to go eat some more bizarre foods that they have been working on because, as you know, they are constantly trying to create the perfect meal.  I managed to get a small one-bedroom apartment and it is surprisingly spacious and all apartments come with a flat-screen TV and an option to have online capability for any games you choose to play through their network.  You're probably asking how I get money, well, I worked out a deal with the people I met when I first arrived and told them I'd write about their way of life whenever I got back to my world and in exchange, they'd give me a place to stay and some walking around money to properly experience their culture.  I am very comfortable so far.


Enough about my time in this strange land, let's talk about what I've been reading about in regards to Obama/Romney...


Well, both are pretty bad from what I can tell, but Obama is the lesser of two evils if that were such a thing in this particular instance.  We will probably feel it sooner with Romney, but get a delayed effect with Obama.  Translation; things will gradually get worse in this country slower with Obama and Romney will just accelerate the process ten fold.  I never understood presidential elections with all the fraud and the machines that are clearly being tampered with.  Not only that, but also the false dichotomy we are being fed with the Republican/Democrat system that gives the illusion of choice as if voting for one guy will make any difference; the president isn't an emperor or a king, ladies and gentlemen.  He doesn't get much say at all.  He's a puppet and whether it's a Republican or Democrat, the strings get pulled the same way.  The last time I voted was the Kerry/Bush 2004 election and we all know how that ended up.  I knew, even then, that voting was bullshit, but I hated Bush so much that I felt I needed to physically voice my opinion whether or not my  actions were futile.  Then, when Obama won in 2008, I thought maybe there might be some real change; a black man in office meant tolerance and a possible emergence of morals and social evolving.  Nope.  All it meant was the same lying and corruption except now the face of it all was colored.  America was suckered by the global elite once more proving they are smarter than the public and probably always will be despite efforts to make people aware of that.  It's a crying shame because this country has a lot to offer and so much to give us, but we're raping it, turning it into a cultural wasteland filled to the brim with media garbage and senseless distractions designed to keep us docile and teeming with apathy and desensitization. 


It's times like these that I'm glad I'm not around to not have to give a fuck about voting or being hassled for not doing it.  It's my patriotic duty, you say?  Choosing a representative of tyranny and not marching in the streets with muskets sounds about as patriotic as a honey badger teaching toddlers how to swim.    


On that note, I bid everyone a good day, voting or not.  Until next time!

"When the majority believes in what is false, the truth becomes a quest." - Me