God is Nameless

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God or whatever label people call the Absolute is not a brand name that people fight over. God is nameless. The moment a name is given to the nameless, something is lost. If the label is accepted some ignorance is also accepted. The experience of the nameless lies beyond the label, in the unbounded, infinite, lively transcendent. The transcendent is the intelligence of nature, home of the constitution of the universe, which houses the laws of nature. The laws of nature govern the entire universe and everything in it in perfect order.

Naming the nameless and worshiping that name is a guaranteed one way ticket to hell because of the gradual down shift in consciousness of the controllers and handlers of that name. The name of God is simply an illusion. Enlivening the transcendent through meditation is the guaranteed return ticket to heaven.

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A good reason...

...that your god remains 'nameless' is the fact that it doesn't actually exist. This is one of the favorite past-times of theists; they use metaphorical and metaphysical language that connotes no actual entity and call that 'god'. Just because you wax poetic on the nebulous, amorphic concept of a deity doesn't mean you lend one scrap of creedence to your argument.

Frankly, you are welcome to package your god in whatever metaphysics you like (apparently you prefer the eastern versions), but you are just wrapping a pig in silk and calling it the king. Good luck 'trancending' reality -- leave it to the rest of us that are willing to put some work in and make reality a better place for the real people that live their real lives in it.



Logos Invictus,

--Louis Repucci