Get OFF the Bus!

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People aren't growing 'less tolerant' of christians...the data states that you have this backward. In fact, christians are becoming less tolerant of the rest of the world. Biblical literalism/fundamentalism is in the middle of a boom right now; christians are alienating themselves from the rational community and rejecting modernity at an alarming rate. According to NBC's Dateline, there are 70 MILLION evangelical christians in this country now...the catholic church is more moderate and accepting of the scientific/social community of today that the average evangelical, non-denominational christian. Catholics aren't biblical literalists, and the Vatican has been a proponent of evolution and the old earth theory for 20 years now.
Much of this is rise in fundamentalism is credited to the Islamic Jihadist movement. Personally, I see little difference in the tennents of Fundamentalist Islam and Fundamentalist Christianity -- they are the symptom of the same disease. From the christian point of view, it's the heathens and the godless who are changing their stance on christianity, but, as I said, this is a matter of point of view. You fundamentalist christians are on a bus, driving away from reason, and you are proclaiming, "Reason is fleeing us!" -- all a manner of perspective.

Upon what basis do you say

Upon what basis do you say that Catholic Church "has been a proponent of evolution and the old earth theory for 20 years now"?

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Upon the basis that it is

Upon the basis that it is in fact the case. Catholics aren't biblical literalists -- the Vatican (the official head of the Catholic church) has official policy stating such, and all of this is public knowledge and readily available.  Once again, I am not going to do your homework for you.


Were you to simply google 'Vatican, evolution, biblical literalism', you would find miles of news stories.