George Bush sings the atheist anthem

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George Bush changes his tune? George Bush sings the atheist anthem

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America in an alternate


America in an alternate reality...

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dang i was hoping it was

dang i was hoping it was going to be

Leftover Crack - Atheist Anthem Sad

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I think that has got to be

I think that has got to be the greatest bush video ever put together!!!!clapping

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Haha, I think this is the

Haha, I think this is the best publicity Bush has gotten on the net yet. xP

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Since Bush was ellected the

Since Bush was ellected the first time I felt much fear and depression. But in the last year when America finally woke up I began to have hope again.

This video made me cry. Killing is easy, anyone can do that. It is taking a step back (WHOMEVER YOU ARE NO MATER WHERE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET YOU LIVE) and ask yourself, how will my killing someone effect the world? Humanity needs to wake up to the butterfly effect and not be limited to their own neibhorhoods.

Just because politicians and governments have beefs with each other doesnt mean all the citizens of any given country wants the same as their leaders. I believe that most humans want peace. Their problem is that they let their goverment convince them and us that blanket statements about all citizens of the rival is the answer.

There  is no country on the face of the planet where you could if you looked, could find a potential friend. It is the word's goverments and ideologues and seakers of impossible utopias that divide humanity.

Humans have the same nature. We disire food, shelter, safty, privacy, love and confermation and a way to express ourselves. This is the core of what it means to be human. Not party, not label and not what religion someone is.

Its way past time to warn the Christian, Muslim and Jewish zealots that they will not be tollerated anymore. Humanity should be sick of any child being indoctrinated into worshiping a dictator such as Kim Jong Ill, worshiping a political party be it socialist, Demorcat or Republican, or blind worship of nationalism or or a diety or any combo of those things.

The survival of our human species depends on treating our neighbor as an individual without seeking dictation or political dominance. Humanity depends on prioritizing what is important. Famine, desease and environment should be the focus of our species. We need to get away from divine intitlement and see our neighbors as human as we are.

WW2 was supposed to be the war to end all wars. How many more wars does humanity need to go through before we realize there is only one club and we all belong to it. The human club is the only club there is. 

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Must I say it?  This is the

Must I say it?  This is the best thing bush has ever done! Maybe, just maybe he's changing his mind! Tongue out

I'm just to .

Ah, the magic of

Ah, the magic of frankensplicing. It's a shame he's not actually that rational.