Funny South Park edit for RRS vs WOTM

I stumbled upon a funny video tonight while cow tipping Way of the Master on the interwebs.

I think the creator supports us with the portrayal of the very rational question posed and the subtext "Rational Response Squad." I believe the editor of the video is someone who abandoned deism for atheism on a myspace group I was in regularly about a year ago. Nevertheless the South Park segment itself is hilarious. Funny rename of Way of the Retard... "Banana Design Squad."

By the way, if you haven't noticed, I've been trying to blog at least once a day. I've dedicated a lot of time to hard core activism, and due to a computer audio problem that costs time and money to fix, much of our "radio production" has been pushed to the side. If there are any subscribers at all that are unhappy with this, I'd love to hear from you now. Because your subscription support is vital to what we are doing.

I point out the blogging, because it may be my only message board presence for a while, where I will be talking about issues vital to our work. I'll try to make you laugh or smile along the way. And I'll try to tell some personal stories along the way (ugh). You should put my blog in your RSS reader if you have one. Add our rational alerts while you're there.

I've got a good segway for a personal story, sort of. Margaret Downey, whom I've been helping** a lot in the last few weeks (for free, due in part to your support) has actually spent a week with Trey and his wife at their home in Hawaii, they are close friends. Trey is not an atheist.

Both are willing to have fun with religion (at the minimum)...
Trey Parker bible signed for Margaret Downey:

Matt Stone bibled signed for Margaret Downey:

See: and

** Part of my help involved getting others to help. Their work shouldn't go unnoticed... thanks crew... you know who you are.

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Aw lame.  Someone filed a

Aw lame.  Someone filed a DMCA on that video.  You would think that they would have just let it go since it brings people to watch the show, but whatever.


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: ( I really wanted to see

: ( I really wanted to see that video, too.

I'm a little sad that the radio production has been down. I liked listening to the RRS shows during my commute. I don't think I'll cut my subscription any time soon, but more shows would still be nice.

(sarcasm)Maybe it's a sign from god, Brian! He wants you to stop making shows!(/sarcasm)