Fuck Creationism (17+ years old?)

Youtube removed a video of Gypsywitch recently. In solidarity with Gypsy Witch over censorship, here is her video fucking creationism... NSFW...

Fuck Creationism

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Here's the video she put on youtube after the above was pulled...

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I have no problem with the

I have no problem with the video on its face; however, I find fault with the way the video is protrayed in the second video.  The first is a bit more than merely "a girl bouncing around."  Clearly, it was made to be sexually suggestive.  In fact, by virtue of her expressions, it could be called softcore.  (Would you let your nine year old watch?) 

So, it went beyond what Youtube is willing to show.  That is no surprise.  Americans have always been more at ease with death than with sex.  That's why we would watch Saddam's execution after his fully lawful trial and appeal process and not her video.

"Tis better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven." -Lucifer