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After watching the news the last couple of days and seeing just how stupid people really are, no longer respect those that say this is a christian country! I was very offended by that. That was like saying all americans agree with dufass in office. We are a changing nation, and I believe it's time for "god" to get off his fucking high horse and let someone else climb aboard.
I mean how long do these people think he will be coming back before they actually see that they have been brain washed into believing some screwed up fairy tail? It's a book. I have no desire to read it less much dedicate my life to it. Maybe I will start the Dr Seuss religion, no, I better not, then they will think I am brainwashing people and that we are all going to wait for some comet or ghost pirate ship to take us away!!! Hold on, isn't that what they are doing right now, except it's okay to give your money to them along with your life.
If you want to believe in someone, try yourself first. Maybe you'd do better.
As a child I was always forced to go to church by my mom, when my dad found out he almost beheaded was funny. And I'm glad that he stood up for me because I shudder to think what I might have become. A sheep.
I think it's wrong for them to trap children when they are young into believing in god, then they grow up thinking he is real, dedicate their whole life to "him" and when they find out he's a fake they go postal. What has this place come too when I can't even non believe freely.
I should stop now because I could go on and on.

DAMN IT Mary, next time just swallow!

HA! That was good stuff. 

HA! That was good stuff. 

''As a child I was always forced to go to church by my mom, when my dad found out he almost beheaded her...''

Just reminded me of my cousin, former British soldier posted in Germany, now married to a German woman and living there with their young kids.  Her dad lives up the road and keeps sneaking round to take the kids to church when mum and dad aren't looking, and my cousin argues with him all the time about it, the godless Brit heathen.  Irony is, the grandad still eats every meal using a knife and fork with swastikas on the handle, from the good old days when he was an officer on a U-Boat!!!

 How do you like them apples!?!  Like an episode of Monty Python.


Once you've invested that much time and energy into something you have no choice but to live it out until the very end.  The same logic is what continues the war in Iraq.  Well we cant get out because we've lost over 3000 people there, so they would rather lose 3,000 more than admit they were wrong and take their losses.  That's why these "god fearing" people go crazy and start torturing and killing people.  They cant deal with the fact they dedicated their whole lives to something that isnt real.  They have inhibited and limited themselves in so many ways over the years for an imaginary being that they know there is no going back.

Superstition sucks.  Rationality Rules.