Frank Walton Has Been Warned

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Frank Walton AKA Atheismsucks has been roaming the internet in an attempt to discredit me and slander my name. Normally he is small peanuts, but this has gone on long enough. He states in his blog that I have plagiarized Dennis McKinsey and in doing so has committed a grave error. On top of this, he has spread this rumor around on Myspace and blogs of friends of the RRS for some time now. But this is about to end one way or another.

The fact is, Dennis McKinsey is a good friend of mine, who has supported me and I him over the past several years in our endeavors. When Dennis was looking to get on Internet Radio, I was more then willing to help him get on He even guest stared on the Rational Response Squad where he vocalized his friendship with me, and our history. This show is available for free download on my profile in the playlist box. It is show number 2. In the event that it has been bumped for newer content, here is a link to listen:

Dennis also saw Frank's lies concerning my compilation of works (which by the way is what I called it - I never once stated that it was all my work, or that I had come up with the information - merely that I had compiled it) and he sent me an e-mail regarding Frank's claim that I plagiarize:

-----Original Message-----
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 12:57 PM
Subject: To Rook

Dear Rook
I saw Frank Walton’s page at and I think his
method is deplorable, especially considering the fact that you stated
verbatim “Thanks to Dennis McKinsey,” showing you were giving credit to
me when quoting my writings. Obviously Frank does not know of our
friendship or our correspondence for over 7 years. Please know that you
continually have my permission to utilize my writings as you deem

the best to you,


PS. Anyone concerned with this matter can contact me at:
[email protected]

I've asked Frank on his blog (I posted this letter on his blog and hope he doesn't remove it) to remove all mentions of this deceitful claim that I plagiarize, and let him know if he persists in spreading this slander, I will be forced to take legal action against him.

I am not one to remove opinionated comments from my blog. A quick check on it will show numerous occasions where somebody attacks my character or mentality. Such words as "idiot" "strupid and "moron" are but a few of the epithets thrown in my direction. I generally take these with a grain of salt as these are the tactics of a person who has no other case against me then throwing ad hominems around.

But Frank doesn't seem to know when to draw the line. It's one thing to state an opinion concerning somebody elses character, as mentioned above - but to attack their credibility, especially when the evidence shows the contrary, is quite dishonest and uncalled for. This just goes to show that to people like Frank Walton, facts are just tools to be manipulated. This is the level of dishonesty a theist will go to validate their own opinions and beliefs.

So for those out there who have been tormented by this case brought against me, let this be a reminder that this is what the RRS is fighting for - to free minds and rid the world or irrational people like Frank Walton who would better serve their causes by lying and cheating their way through life at the expense of others to gain attention for themselves.

Stay Rational,

Rook Hawkins

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