Intelligence where you least expect it. . .

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Intelligence where you least expect it. . .

The more I work on AI, the more natural intelligence I find. It pops up in the strangest places, and it seems to follow a cumulative effect. In order to see all of it, I've gotta explain a few things. It might seem weird but intelligence seems to be produced by a sort of "economy of information," complete with supplies and demands.  In the case of evolution (which is one of the most basic ways of producing creativity) supply is known as mutation and demand is known as selection. The great thing about evolution is that it's simple enough to implement on nearly any system. Of course it has to be in order to stem from abiogenesis, but I'm talking about utility.

 Using the economy of information model of intelligence, we can take a look at money. Nationally and internationally, currency forms the impulse for a very large neural network. The collective human intelligence is represented in economy, with industry and science forming the musculature. Humanity "thinks" about things by funneling money into an area. That money isn't really lost, it's just routed in the same way neural impulses are converted from thoughts to more thoughts and actions.

Furthermore, each neuron has an action potential. The action potential of an economy is known as a wage or salery. Workers change jobs according to the demand for their profession, and so every action humanity takes is thought through by the economy.

Weirder still, economies seem to be conscious and self aware. They are capable of self analysis, quick transformation on massive scales, all the while symbiotically controlling the lives of nearly everyone on the globe. When the stock market shifts, it's the equivalent of taking all the people whose wages were paid by that money and changing their minds. Think about that for a moment.


I'll put up more about this later.