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That is very cool. It is an

That is very cool. It is an interesting visual.

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Interesting. I'd never

Interesting. I'd never considered such a thing before.

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the same thing, but even better

I just saw pretty much the same thing from PZ Myers' blog, Pharyngula (you should really check it out if you haven't; PZ is a biologist and fellow defender of rationality). This version has a prettier format and text. Anyway, it's at:

If you follow the link, you can order a free 25"x24" print; you just have to pay $10 for shipping and handling.

It's a great tool for arguing with irrational people who would like to refute one part of science while enjoying the benefits of another. They are often ID-ers who still choose to have their lives saved with medicine. This chart shows them that it really is all interconnected...even my field, atomic physics, is only a few references away from evolutionary biology.

Anyway, free poster!

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Great. Thanks.

Great. Thanks.