Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (005) What's The Matter With Matter?

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Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (005) What's The Matter With Matter?

Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (005) What's The Matter With Matter?

Matter is not what we have long thought. To scientists matter has always been the ultimate in that which is static and predictable. In all atoms and molecules, and all the space within them, particles take up an insignificant amount of volume. The rest of it is vacuum. Now, what seems to happen with particles, is that they dis-appear and re-appear all the time! YES IT'S TRUE!!! So where do they go when they are not here? That, my friend, is tricky. I offer you two explanations.

#1: when they leave here they go to an alternate universe where the people there are asking the same questions when the particles come back to us. . . They ask, "Where did it go?"

#2: A peice of anti matter smacks it out of exsistense on its way bull-rushing away from gravity!

Pondering these ideas I had a few questions of my own.

#1: Due to the second law of thermo dynamics can this be possible? By dis-appearing and re-appearing wouldnt that remove some of the universes energy no matter how minute it is? Or is it in such a way that through the operation of this it would create an equal amount of energy in its place?

#2: If that is true then how can the laws hold to be true?

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