Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (004) The Hollodeck

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Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (004) The Hollodeck

Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (004) The Hollodeck

We Might be living in a big Hollodeck!!!

But are we living in a hollodeck for real, I mean c'mon, seriously? Well, we don't have a good answer to that. . . That is a big philosophical question, indeed. Science can only hand us conclusive knowledge based on being observers, and observers only. Maybe we are the experiment, but we would never know for the simple fact that we can only view what we're aloud to see by way of our brains functionality. Because of this, we are limited.

Can I not perceive god only because i am an atheist? NO! That cannot be, for the holiest of holies all truely believe and they cannot perceive god either. Let alone that they can't even agree on who god is real and what's it all about and who has the bigger dick and bigger bombs and so on and so on!!

When Chris Columbus was on his journey to the "new world" did the tribes of indians not see the boats gradualy growing closer to the shores 'cause they couldnt perceive water crafts?

I am the radical and variable to counter act on your alpha and omega! The One True Juggernaut, and. . . I WILL BASH AND CUT DOWN THOSE THAT CANNOT BE TAUGHT!!!