Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (003) The Biased Brain

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Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (003) The Biased Brain

Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (003) The Biased Brain

What if a digital camera has A.I.? (artificial intelligence) Would it still take picture in the same way as it always did? Or, would it cut out the things that are not important to it?

Ex: When you went to feed the data from your memory card to your CPU, would you still even be in the photo? Or, would you have been erased from it because the camera decided that you are not important? Maybe you would be the only thing appearing in the photo. Just you, with no background, 'cause the camera decided that your relasionship is the most important thing of all. . .

The reason that we see still and video images as we do today is because the camera / camcorder are showing us the total of what it was able to perceive. And that is based soley on the fact that the camera / camcorder is un-biased and un-judgemental about what it is storing. The human brain on the other hand is the opposite of this. The human brain is processing four hundred billion (400,000,000,000.00) bits of information at all times!!! Awake or otherwise. But our awareness is only checking in at about two hundred thousand (200,000.00) bits. That means that reality is happening to the brain all the time. It's receiving all that information all the time and yet we havent intergrated it yet.

Look to the set examples (A & B) in the picture that I have provided to see the difference between what the "biased Brain" perceives in comparison to what an "Un-Judgemental Camera" sees. . .

Example A: The Man
Example B: The Machine

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