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This says it all... "Deception by omission."

But I'll tell you the quick need to know version Sticking out tongue

Read the title carefully this is not is basically a creationalist counter (mock) to

A few high lights from the sites first article (TO=TalkOrigins):

"I’ve been observing the TO site from the sidelines for quite some time and have until now restrained myself from responding to the materialistic worldview that this organization pushes on the unsuspecting. It is particularly distressing to me to read the feedback letters from young people and watching those impressionable minds being manipulated through TO indoctrination."

"Essentially then, TO is a propaganda machine for philosophical naturalism using the more acceptable and palatable cover of methodological naturalism. Evolution theory is nothing but the scientific operational model to support this metaphysical position."

"TO lures ‘people of all faiths’ into their camp with assurances of compatibility."

"The real dispute is in the naturalists’ extrapolation from (observable) genetic ‘change’ to (unobservable) Neo-Darwinian macro-evolution to (unobservable) ‘cause for being’."

"Why don’t they mention the critical point, namely that creationists do accept speciation—but the dispute is about the causing agent of speciation, biodiversity and, ultimately, biological origins? Why do they make false accusations against creationists, instead of facing the empirical roadblock to the arbitrary extrapolation of Neo-Darwinian macro-evolution from the variations observed in speciation?"

"If TO is going to educate, then educate they should! To educate means to present all sides in truth and completeness and accuracy."

"In this article I have presented but a small sample of the many cases where TO is guilty of being nowhere near complete, accurate or truthful."

"Clearly the majority of TO supporters belong to the atheist/agnostic/naturalist camp. Hence, to them there is no afterlife (certainly not one in the Christian sense) nor is there a personal God; a judgment by Jesus Christ; accountability to a Creator; heaven or hell."

"To those that visit the TO site in search of answers—people that may be undecided and seeking unbiased information—to these people TO owes the courtesy of behaving in an informative capacity and not as an indoctrination site."

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I've had a few creationists

I've had a few creationists link me to that stupid site.

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Does talk origins know? If

Does talk origins know? If they do, I would assume a page or two devoted to this mess of fallacy and lies would be coming soon.

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People wonder why atheists

People wonder why atheists and scientists are becoming more vocal about what they believe...we should just link them to that site.

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