Clear evidence for accuracy of radiometric dating needed.

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Clear evidence for accuracy of radiometric dating needed.

The topic explained it I think.

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What is it that you need it

What is it that you need it for. It is kinda tough to describe how the whole process works, so I would be more inclined to give you a reference than try to describe it all myself. Plus, I'm feeling a bit lazy.

If it is to be in response to the "radiometric dating is innaccurate" argument used by some people, be sure to add that there is several methods to dating fossils and such, so where they might use the argument that c-14 dating has been shown to be innaccurate (which is not exactly true, the reality is it is considered accurate within the realm of time that it has been calibrated, which is up to 40,000 years, already older than most creationists claim the earth to be) the mention of other dating methods should come in handy. There is more than one form of radiometric dating, so this might take some extra reading on your part.

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Good overview here as

Good overview here as well:

As always though, if you want a specific answer, ask a specific question.

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