Young Earth Creationists believe in Super Erosion??

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Young Earth Creationists believe in Super Erosion??

I am not a geologist, but I think this is a question for any of the geologists on the forum. This may have been covered before but here goes.

 I was thinking about the amount of sand and the vast desserts in the world. Sand is the result of rock erosion over thousands and millions of years. How do young earth creationists explain the presence of such large amounts of sand on the earth?? How did all that erosion occur in six thousand years??

This highlights another point. Creationists always maintain that we should be seeing evolutionary changes in our current life. Well, then if they somehow believe in a super erosion, would there be large pockets of sand just piling up near any type of significant rock surface??

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I either read or watched

I either read or watched something that said in order for the grand canyon to form from the great flood the water would have had to be moving at the speed of sound.