All enemies, foreign AND domestic

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All enemies, foreign AND domestic

It seems to me that all of these fundamentalists who are attacking this country by slowly chopping away at the Constitution and undermining the rights of certain individuals and groups that don't adhere to a particular viewpoint in the hopes of destroying what America is supposed to stand for by turning it into a theocracy would qualify as domestic enemies. Isn't the president sworn to defend this country against domestic enemies? Why is he helping them?

 This is what happens when you introduce a popular religion into the government of a secular country. It acts like a virus and spreads through the healthy body of government, until that body degenerates to the point where it ends up on its deathbed and can no longer function. Soon, the body will die and all that will be left is the virus and the people who created it will find that it's not at all what they wanted.


Sorry, just had to vent. 

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Introducing religion into

Introducing religion into government is redundant. The government is already an organization as surrounded by mysticism, lies, illusion, and delusion as the church. It is demonstrably theocratic. If you deny the Pantheon of the United States (Congress) and state openly that the law of the Constitution is equally binding upon you as the law of Moses (because it is), an angry mob (with MP5s and SWAT gear) will come and burn down your house and kill you and your family and kill you in a public display of brutality that makes the public-square hangings of witches pale in comparison (see: Branch Davidians, Waco). It's just like they did during the dark ages, except with much better technology, and the gods and institutions have changed in name and rhetoric, the old and as of recently less effective being ditched in favor of the new and more widely believed myths of democracy, authority, and the public good.