Political implications of evolution?

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Political implications of evolution?

Are there any political implications of evolution?

Recently I read an article that was making an argument for decentralization based on evolution. To quickly sum up the article, most humans are born with an innate morality that evolved when humans lived together in small clans. What this innate morality means that we can understand and care about tragedies close by like the murder of a neighbor while we care much less (innately) and don't understand as well about the murder of person or group far away from us. People in power of large centralized institutions are in control of many people in a large area (something our innate morality doesn't work well with) so they may behave amorally even though they may be moral personally. Decentralization would fix this by putting anyone in charge in a position their innate morality works better with.

"What right have you to condemn a murderer if you assume him necessary to "God's plan"? What logic can command the return of stolen property, or the branding of a thief, if the Almighty decreed it?"
-- The Economic Tendency of Freethought

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I don't see much of a

I don't see much of a relationship between politics and evolution in your post, but it is interesting. Americans treat mexicans and iraqis like they're dogs, their lives are worthless trash to be kicked to the side the moment a war on anything is declared by you know how it goes.

Sorta related however is political decentralization as well. Sorta like how different species of animals went around with different genes being tested against the harsh realities of natural life, so could political units act independantly in the policies they choose and so discover what works and what doesn't. And if one political unit enforces an absolutely terrible policy, the loss can only be very small and easily absorbed. In smaller political units consequences will also tend to manifest more quickly, and if people discover that something doesn't work, they can easily change it without waiting for any number of other political groups to try their case before the legislature or whatever policy decisionmaking exists.