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Tomorrow is the election and no matter what side you're listening to, the fate of the world rests upon who wins. Despite certain instances of rhetoric, I am not one to agree with this. While certainly there is much to be concerned about and another two years with an un-checked Bush administration will no doubt bring war with Iran, continued deaths in Iraq of civilians and the further enrichment of corporations and their CEO's leaching off the common worker, the world will not end. It's been here long before homo sapiens ever thought to create tribes and will be here long after we blow ourselves up over the futile argument of whether a figment of our imagination wrote a book that we choose to call holy cuz it's old and steeped in blood. So the world will continue whether republicans or democrats win, have no fear.

But just what that world will be like, well, that's a different story. People who read my rantings and not-so sober judgments on this blog may agree or disagree, may revile me for being a judgmental asshole or wonder when I'm going to run for office (wait for it), but I hope I am accomplishing one thing none of the candidates running for office are doing, and that is encourage free and open thought. Call me an ass, fine, I only ask that you think through why you believe that to be true. Agree with, ok, but do the same, consider just why what I say strikes a chord within you.

For this is what neither side wants, for you to think for yourselves. Republicans would have you believe that he stands for individuality and rewarding personal work, but he's ok with abolishing the estate tax that gives money to sons and daughters who earned it only by popping out of a womb. Democrats would have you believe that they stand for responsbility and yet can't help falling all over themselves to vote for administration policies that represent the exact opposite tenants of democracy because they are to scared of being painted as "un-American."

Both of these examples, and much more besides, all point to political parties that are hoping and may I say it, praying, that the voters don't think enough to question because if that happens, the thing that both parties dread will happen, change.

Because if we actually start thinking and encouraging others to do the same, gone will be the money given by special interests for golf games and island get-aways, luxuries that most Americans will never be able to see. Gone will be the rhetoric of "defense spending" when what it really means is "research on how to kill better." Gone will be policies that are based on the socially created thoughts of imaginary beings because when religion was saying "this is the way it is", science was busy creating the printing press and the steam engine. And gone will be people in power who, because of their maniacal self-importance and belief that god is on their side, will be ok lying to get us to war (Bush), ranting against homosexuality when engaging in a homosexual affair (Pastor Ted Hagland) and avoiding taxes for years because you're mouthpiece of god (Kent Hovind, founder of Center for Creationism).

Don't get me wrong, I am saying go out and vote, but do so with something the politicians themselves don't seem to possess, an open and critical mind.

Every one of your relationships to man and to nature must be a definite expression of your real, individual life corresponding to the object of your will. -Erich Fromm

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Vote louder this year.

Vote louder this year.