People find it odd I'm a libertarian...

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People find it odd I'm a libertarian...

I frequently read through RRS, but don't post much. But I recently discovered this political area. And I had a question for everyone.

I consider myself a libertarian, but almost everyone I talk to say that it's stupid. Not the political party in particular, but the fact that I'm a libertarian. Some background: I'm African-American (a minority), fairly poor (at least considered low-class) on food stamps, no medical insurance, between jobs, married, and have a child. With all these factors, many people think it's irresponsible for me to even consider being libertarian. I can see why they may think that. But even though my life isn't ideal doesn't mean that I need to be a Democrat (what poeple in my postion would normally identify with). I choose to look at what I think would be best for society not what is thought to be best for me.

Now the question: Has anyone else experienced this or maybe in a similar situation? Or does anyone else find it odd?

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I think what theyare saying

I think what theyare saying is that they find it odd that you are not being selfish like they are. They find it odd that you care about others rights and liberties as much as your own.

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It's ODD, but that doesn't

It's ODD, but that doesn't mean it's WRONG. In fact, I greatly admire your ability to put the good of society over your own needs. IMO, if everyone were like that, every governmental system from Socialism through Libertarianism would work just fine.

The problem occurs when you factor in how diverse people really are - some have many gifts & abilities; some have few. Some are generous & magnanimous, others are selfish & greedy. Some were born of affluence, some in poverty. And so a government needs to deal with this, and they differ in how they favor and disfavor people at the ends of the various spectra.