Political Candidates and Evolution

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Political Candidates and Evolution

Here is the link to what each candidate thinks on the subject.

My personal favorite came from Mike Gravel

“My God, evolution is a fact, and if these people are disturbed by being the descendants of monkeys and fishes, they’ve got a mental problem. We can’t afford the psychiatric bill for them. That ends the story as far as I’m concerned.”

 Even though evolution is about common ancestry and not direct descension from "monkeys and fishes", its nice to see a political candidate take such a postive and firm stance against such grotesque intellectual stupidity. 

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It's something, sadly they

It's something, sadly they all still believe in the sky daddy.

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The Gravel quote is really,

The Gravel quote is really, really, excellent. If I were American, I would vote for him.

"Physical reality” isn’t some arbitrary demarcation. It is defined in terms of what we can systematically investigate, directly or not, by means of our senses. It is preposterous to assert that the process of systematic scientific reasoning arbitrarily excludes “non-physical explanations” because the very notion of “non-physical explanation” is contradictory.


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As a general rule of thumb I

As a general rule of thumb I would say politicians missed out on evolution.

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Any candidate not professing

Any candidate not professing belief in god would stand absolutely no chance of being elected to President. Sad but true.


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