Mike Huckabee Explains the Bible

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Mike Huckabee Explains the Bible

Last night on the Youtube/CNN Republican debate Mike Hukabee answered questions concerning the bible. I don't have direct quotes, but he said something to the effect that part of the bible are allagorical and others are literal. He explained that there are parts that we disagree on the interpretations and that they are so complex because they can only be understood and explained by God. In effect he said that humans are incapable of comprehending part of the bible.

Why then would God hand down his word for us to not understand?? I thought the whole purpose of the bible was so that man could not misinterpret God's word. I thought the whole idea was for it to be literally his word and that all laws and statements were to be followed as truth. Why would God not allow us the capability to comprehend the word he wants us to follow???

BTW Huckabee supports space exploration, which isn't in the bible. How does he and the Christian right explain that.

Also, here is a link to how they responded to a veteran who served 43 years who is openly gay. Listen to Duncan Hunter infer that good ol' middle American conservative boys just couldn't handle being next to those disgusting gay guys.




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I was in the navy during

I was in the navy during Vietnam.  We knew who the gay guys were, they didn't flaunt and no one had a problem with it except conservative xtians and a few ignorant monkeys who were still down on the evolutionary chain.  Huckabutts is probably afraid of his inner feelings but he'll probably survive as long as he stays away from airport bathrooms.

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RationalSchema wrote:

RationalSchema wrote:

He explained that there are parts that we disagree on the interpretations and that they are so complex because they can only be understood and explained by God. In effect he said that humans are incapable of comprehending part of the bible.


Humans with a conscience have a hard time explaining the bible because most of it is repulsive. That's why they cherry-pick. The ones that don't cherry-pick become those that strap bombs to themselves or blow up abortion clinics. We can assume Huckabee has a conscience. Which explains why he, and most Christians cant come up with logical sounding explainations for the bible.

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Oops! Sorry RationalSchema

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What scares me is that even

What scares me is that even the democrats are taking a page out of republican pandering playbook that got Bush ellected.

We really need to get someone in the audiance in one of these debates to get on the question list and up to the mic. If you know of an upcomming debate that is close to you, republican or democrat, GO.

I'd look for those pages or people running around with clipboards and earpeaces and ask them if you can ask an on air question. Tell them you are going to ask them about the war or economy, then when you get on mic go off script and ask them something like, "Is it ok for a non-Christian citizen of any label, according the constitution, to hold the office of the Presidency"?

I am serious, unless these canidates face non-Christian citizens, not just atheists, they will continue to flaunt their Christianity in their campains and ignore all the voters who dont believe in their god.

Again, look at my sig folks, e-mail all of them weither you are voting for them or not and remind them of their obligation to uphold "No religious test".

Huckabee's beleifs are his own and from a empathy standpoint and a constitutional standpoint he is intitled to them. BUT our politicians are only stumping for votes in the pulpit and the other voters are being completely ignored and this is not a good trend for our country.

SHOW UP TO CAMPAIN RALLIES, show up to debates, contact them even if you are not voting for them. This is not just about atheists, this is about preventing our country from further division based on religious label and preventing the replacement of voting booths with church pews.

AGAIN, this just doesnt effect atheists. This affects all United States Citizens of Jewish background, of Chinese dissent ect ect ect. You are being ignored and marginalized because our politicians only care about Christian voters and it is time that we remind them that Jesus IS NOT a requirement to be a U.S. Citizen nor is it required to swear to Jesus to hold any office.

It is up to us who value freedom to protect it by demanding that our goverment keep out of the issue of religion and leave it up to the individual.


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