[Pic] Proof of evolution?

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[Pic] Proof of evolution?


China's hairiest man, Yu Zhenhuan, poses on a track in Beijing in his bid to run in next year's Olympic torch relay, state media said this week.


Link: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/custom/photos/chi-1podhair20070801202652,0,509225.photo 

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That dude IS the missing

That dude IS the missing link...all of them Laughing out loud

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More on this story... and

More on this story... and some more pictures. 



BEIJING: Super-hairy Chinese singer Yu Zhenhuan says he wants to be part of the torch relay for next year's Beijing Summer Olympic Games.

Yu, a minor celebrity in China, has a condition known as hypertrichosis that causes 96 percent of his body to be covered by hair. He has launched a campaign to participate in the relay and show the world the Games are for all, including the ultra-hirsute, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

"The Olympics belong to everyone — the common people and those with abnormalities included," Xinhua quoted Yu as saying.

Yu, 30, said his celebrity and experience coping with his condition "ties in with the notion of Olympic spirit."

Yu has starred in films and sings with a rock band in the northeastern province of Liaoning. A face known to many Chinese through appearances on television and in newspapers, he was forced to have an operation to surgically remove hair from his ears after losing 30 percent of his hearing.

Xinhua said Yu has already won some support, including from Olympic gymnast Xing Aowei, but his chances with the Olympics organizing committee remain far from certain.

"We welcome celebrities to apply to join the torch relay," a spokesman for the organizers was quoted as saying by Xinhua. "But it is hard to assess his chances, as the recruitment is open to everyone."

The organizers began recruiting the required 21,880 torch carriers in June. The 137,000 kilometer (85,132-mile), 130-day relay is scheduled to begin on March 25.

Hypertrichosis is an extremely rare condition.