Letter to the Editor in my local paper

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Letter to the Editor in my local paper

 I don't usually read the letters to the editor in my local paper (they make me too mad) but I checked them out today and saw this one... which makes me glad I don't pay attention to the letters to the editor in my local paper.  


Darwinism can't explain complexities in life

Monday, June 11, 2007

In the May 25 letter, "Most people lack knowledge about evolution," another fleeting endeavor was made at defending Darwinism. The writer stated, "One of the biggest problems facing our nation: a general lack of education."


A truly infectious problem facing our nation is the callous ignorance of the truth, and to all the irrefutable evidence substantiated to intelligent design and creationism. There are too many irreducible complexities in life for things to fall together puzzle-like over a long period of time as theorized and suggested in the fairy tale version of how it all happened without God.


The writer stated it was ridiculous for male and female species to appear at the same time, then he made the weak comment, "Did a wolf give birth to a Chihuahua?" He didn't answer the question as to how gender came about, so was it a male or female wolf giving birth?


The May 26 letter, "Plants thrive without animal life" (possibly defending the fairy tale version?) stated that "Darwin evolved into a self-described agnostic."


Information on the Web is abounding, but it is not available in our public schools where creationism and intelligent design are outlawed and can't even be suggested.


This is calculated ignorance and containment of the truth with enforced propaganda.


Both letter writers appear to be educated men, but if I agreed with them and Darwin, we'd all be wrong.


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Christian badmouthing

Christian badmouthing evolution:
"Having a science backround[sic],(I'm a dentist and my husband an ophtalmologist[sic]) we are delighted to hear some good sense being presented. Most people don`t realize the bias that colors their thinking. They take whatever is being taught without invenstigating[sic] the facts. There is a great difference when it comes to facts, and evolution doesn't have any.It's not me who says it but Stephen Jay Gould who couldn't find a single proved fact about evolution among his collegues[sic]. We can't either. We christians[sic] risk our lives for our faith so we are accustomed to study the hard facts and the evidence. Our very lives depend on it. That is the difference. Please, please do investigate the hard facts of science and learn to discard the fairy tales.

We christians[sic] risk our lives for our faith so we are accustomed to study the hard facts and the evidence.

The fuck you do.

Do you have to fight off bands of anti-Christian Atheist Ninjas with your cavity drill on a daily basis? You're about as persecuted as a 200lb. five-year-old being told he can't have ten more candy bars. Sure, you'll scream about it, but it's not like you're starving.

Stop acting the whiny bitch.


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Bigg wrote: edit:Ummmm did

Bigg wrote:

edit:Ummmm did a mod copy this to here?,this isnt where I posted

this,hell i havent even read this thread yet.

Although it was not I that moved this thread, one of the jobs of the mods is to move threads to the proper forum.

It's extremely common to move threads out of General Conversation, Introductions and Humor as it says on the forum main page.


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Thats it... I finally get

Thats it... I finally get it!
The IDers plan to take over by causing those who accept evolution to commit suicide because of the IDers' stupidity!

But seriously, either the writer of the letter is ignorant or knows the truth but won't admit it. If it is the former, educate!

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