Christian obsession with randomness

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Christian obsession with randomness

Christians are fond of saying "I don't see how all this could just come by randomness":

  1. Evolution is a highly structured and well coordinated process which actually works to limit mutation most of the time in most of the genome. There are some cellular machines which remain almost unchanged after billions of years of life on earth and we have inherited the genes which build them
  2. Some parts of the genome allow an extremely small random influence, which is one source of novelty in life, but it is very limited and is not allowed in most of the genome
  3. Genes ensure that they are faithfully copied into future generations by constant error-checking and correcting for mutations, proof-reading and repair

And if you don't believe that ordered, structured systems can spontaneously form in this universe then just look around:

  • at all the galaxies which form continuously from nebulous clouds of gas and dust
  • at the way planets form into spherical shapes under the influence of gravity
  • at the way the sea sorts things along the beach
  • at the way atoms crystalize into an wide variety of beautiful patterns by themselves
  • at the way clouds, mountains and coastlines form in 'variations on a theme' (fractals)

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This also goes to our country's need to have certainty. We always have to have an explanation or something to blame. We can never accept that sometimes, things just happen.

"Those who think they know don't know. Those that know they don't know, know."

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Ordered randomness... like

Ordered randomness... like the bible? One book put together from a collection of letters, books, writings, and orally passed down stories.

This argument is usually comes from people who are afraid to say, "I don't know everything". They seem to "need" an answer for the things they don't comprehend. I am just fine saying, "I don't know".