Darwin Day starts to evolve

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Darwin Day starts to evolve



If there is a saving grace to the recent ham-handed attempts to substitute philosophy and religion for science in public-school classrooms, it is that the scientific community has been aroused to better educate the public about Charles Darwin and evolution.

Today, the 197th anniversary of the naturalist?s birth, ?Darwin Day? events will be conducted at hundreds of universities around the world to emphasize the role of evolution as the basis of biology. A major observance is scheduled all day at the University of Pennsylvania?s world-renowned Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Many of the observances are dedicated to eliminating the myth that evolution and religion are mutually exclusive concepts. In addition to the observances on campuses, at least 400 churches in the United States also are participating in Darwin Day events.

As biology professor Michael Zimmerman, dean of the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin, Oskosh, put it: ?There is no reason that people have to choose between religion and science.?

Indeed, religion is rooted in faith while evolution is rooted in scientific inquiry. Attempts to substitute faith for science in classrooms, as in the ill-fated attempted to introduce ?intelligent design? into the science curriculum at Dover Area High School, near York, serve neither faith nor science.

Evolution continues to be validated all the time by scientific observation of the natural world and through technological advances in scientific inquiry, most tellingly through DNA analysis.

Its central role in the science of biology never has been stronger. It is important for the science community to bring that message to the public.

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Darwin Day starts to evolve

Darwin kicks ass.

He's like my Jesus. Cept he didn't die for my sins, he died for a heart attack.

But he still enlightened my world.