Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (006) What Else Does The Theist Need?

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Mr. G.A.W.N.'s Laboratory (006) What Else Does The Theist Need?

Time and time again the theist will tell you that god put us here. That was proven wrong, a long time ago. Still the creationists try to stump evolution by saying what they may. They try to find things that may give us a hard time and even after we give them factual answers, they either deny it, tap dance around it or just move to their next ignorant point. . . Some creationist believe in micro evolution, but fail to aknowledge there is no barier of micro into macro. i mean, where is the barrier that stops slime - plant - fish - lizard - rodent - monkey - man? (or however in-depth you want to organize it)

what if plants started moving? oh wait, they do! what if fish started walking? oh wait they have. (anphibians) what if primates made tools? oh wait, they do? where does yer micro end and macro begin?

what else to you theists need? do you need to live for billions of years to see evolution at work? By saying this they are telling me that, if they cant see it then why would they belive it? And with that we as atheists just contiuously laugh at them because that is what their whole religion is based on. (Believing in something with no proof) But with that being said (religion has no proof), evolution has a ton of proof. So what the arguement realy is saying, is we (the theist) will totaly, uterly and blindly belive in something of 0 (zero) concrete or solidity and no proof or facts, but we will absolutely and indefinitely freez the theory of evolution that has been proven, just as solid as any fact.

they defeat their selves by even admitting micro evolution. . . it is all evolution!! they just try to use words to try to throw off the common cases in people not fully understanding what they are talking about. Its still evolution!!! you cant have micro without the macro. YOU CANT HAVE THE MICRO WITHOUT THE MACRO!!!!

I guess thats all for now, but feel free to comment. . . If you are gonna comment about my proof, and why i didnt list it, is cuz the proof is all around on these forums just look it up yerself. i could cut and paste but that would discredit who ever wrote it in the first place. Besides you should get yer study rate up if you plan on going toe to toe with the brights, ya dig?

I am the radical and variable to counter act on your alpha and omega! The One True Juggernaut, and. . . I WILL BASH AND CUT DOWN THOSE THAT CANNOT BE TAUGHT!!!