A young earth creationist is coming to town tonight

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A young earth creationist is coming to town tonight

Because it is free and open to the public, he won't be unchallenged. It should be interesting given that PZ Myers going to try to pack the church with biology students and freethinkers.

Some info on the guy:
His name is Tom DeRosa and is the founder of the Creation Studies Institute. Supposedly he does have a national reputation of sorts. He is also the author the book "Evolution's Fatal Fruit"; Darwin and evolution are responsible for the Holocaust stuff.

Can you think of any good questions that I should ask without looking like too much of a jackass?

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  He's probably heard this


He's probably heard this before, but I doubt his answer is anything that can't be laughed at.

Ask him to explain the geologic column and why there are no human skeletons in the precambrian. 

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Hehe, always fun to poke at

Hehe, always fun to poke at creationists and thier silly notions.

 -Ask how many people with pointy sticks it takes to kill a T-rex. Then, laugh at his answer with references from Jurassic Park

-Ask whether inbreeding of Adam and Eve can be used as a defense for marrying your sister.

-Ask if he will support you if you stone an adulterous man his mistress. Then, depending on his answer, either brand him as immoral, or quote scriptures forcing him to obey the rules of god.

A few more serious questions:

-Ask why we havent observed a housecat give birth to a lion in the past 150 years, if he ever mentions how evolution has not witnessed a monkey give birth to a human.

-Ask why creationists like himself bring up the Big bang to disprove evolution, when evolution is biology and the big bang is physics, two totally different subjects?


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Just run through my

Just run through my questions for creationist thread in the Evo forum. I've never needed more. One I intend to add soon for the literalists is asking whether Noah made a pit stop at Australia to drop off all the kagaroos and other species unique to that continent. I don't recall seeing that in the Bible and it made the last AIG guy I talked to squirm like the hack he was.

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